Vet Med & HHS USDA Reporting

This page contains information for College of Veterinary Medicine and Health and Human Sciences faculty to enter data into Digital Measures (DM) for USDA reporting.

Faculty deadline for reporting Jan.-Dec. 2021: February 15, 2022

Communication to Faculty from Associate Dean Engel and Senior Associate Dean Henderson on USDA Reporting in Digital Measures.

Purdue Fundamental and Applied Research and Extension Showcase 2021

Purdue, as a land-grant institution, is federally mandated to report overall impacts from formula-funded programs such as Hatch, Animal Health, McIntire-Stennis and Smith-Lever. Data entered in DM are pulled to report annually to USDA NIFA. Accuracy and timeliness of data entered in DM are critical to our ability to report on Research and Extension activities.



Instructions for USDA-Funded Research projects in 2021

DM Updates for Extension Faculty and Specialists at PDC - 12/8 - RecordingSlides



Here are reporting expectations for Extension Faculty & Specialists from Dr. Jason Henderson, Director of Extension.

Extension Faculty & Specialists are expected to report outputs, outcomes and impacts into DM. This includes reporting of workshops, conferences, events and recurring programs considered to be structured, educational events for the public.

  • Outputs are your ACTIVITIES - research projects, research publications, Extension publications, workshops, consultations, volunteers, and direct & indirect contacts.
  • Outcomes are METRICS you use to share results of your project or program.
  • Impact statements are NARRATIVES describing: 1) an issue, 2) what has been done, 3) who were the participants, and 4) the results.

Digital Measures - There are four DM screens for research and/or Extension activities. One or more may fit your role.

  1. USDA Reporting - Research
  2. Learning Events - workshops, programs, webinars, etc.
  3. Other Activities - consultations, committees, popular press, professional publications, indirect contacts
  4. Impact Statements - narrative or story about the results of your Extension program or project

Instructions by screen:

  1. USDA Reporting
  2. Learning Events
  3. Other Activities
  4. Impact Statements

Please note: DM Learning Events and Other Activities screens are built for MONTHLY reporting. Educators are required to report monthly. However, Extension Specialists are required to report ANNUALLY. As a result, if Extension Specialists use the Learning Events and Other Activities screens, they may choose to "summarize" their entire year, by putting entries into the month of December.

DM Updates for Extension Faculty and Specialists at PDC - 12/8 - RecordingSlides

“Old” DM screens are hidden

Because of the transition to new DM screens during 2021, Extension Faculty and Specials who were presenters/speakers at Extension events from January 1 – August 31, 2021 entered in DM by Educators, will need to run a report to get that data.

Here are the instructions to run a report.

  • Log in to DM with BoilerKey
  • From the top navigation, select “Reports.”
  • From the listing of reports, select “Faculty and Extension Specialists - Summary”.
  • Set the date range Jan. 1 – Aug. 31, 2021.
  • Click “Run Report.”

This will create a WORD document for your records.

Please do NOT use the Rapid Reports button at the top of the DM screen. It does NOT work for our custom-built reports.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email


Running a DM Report

Go to "getting data out" for information on running DM reports to pull data you have entered.