Graduate Student Advisory Board

Department heads in Purdue Agriculture and chairs of graduate programs nominate these board members. In many cases the representatives are also the presidents of the graduate student governments in their home departments.


Jen Kahn                                     Agricultural & Biological Engineering                                                    

Alicia English                               Agricultural Economics                                                                           

Edwin Suarez                               Agronomy                                                                                                

Heather Tucker                             Animal Sciences                                                                                       

Michael Melesse                          Biochemistry                                                                                            

Sally Stevens                               Botany & Plant Pathology                                                                       

Faith Weeks                                Entomology                                                                                             

Brian Song                                   Food Science                                                                                           

James Jacobs                              Forestry & Natural Resources                                                                  

Chris Currey                                Horticulture & Landscape Architecture                                                  

Lisa Keefe                                   Youth Development and Ag Education                                                  


Graduate Faculty Council


The Graduate Faculty Council as an advisory committee to the College of Agriculture graduate programs. Department heads appoint its members.


Joseph Irudayaraj                         Agricultural & Biological Engineering                                            

Gerald E. Shively                         Agricultural Economics                                                  

Eileen J. Kladivko                         Agronomy                                                                       

Paul Collodi                                 Animal Sciences                                                              

Fred Gimble                                 Biochemistry                                                                   

Robert Pruitt                                Botany & Plant Pathology                                              

Linda J. Mason                            Entomology                                                                    

Rengaswami Chandrasekaran       Food Science                                                                  

Rado Gazo                                  Forestry & Natural Resources                                         

Angus S. Murphy                         Horticulture & Landscape Architecture                                          

Neil A. Knobloch                          Youth Development and Ag Education