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Welcome to the Department of Animal Sciences Graduate Program

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In Animal Sciences we apply principles from the biological, physical, and behavioral sciences to create knowledge that improves livestock production and management, enhances food quality and safety, uncovers the molecular mechanisms of animal physiology, gene regulation and metabolism and enhances animal health and well-being.  Our research impacts all segments of food and agriculture from producers to consumers.  Students with diverse interests working closely with outstanding faculty pursue MS and PhD degrees and engage in research at the nexus of food security, human health, animal well-being, and fundamental biology of animal systems.  As a result our graduates are in demand for research and leadership positions in industry, academia, and governmental agencies.  

Our Research and Networks

​​Our faculty members have a passion for success of graduate students and are continually seeking opportunities to help students excel in research, teaching, and extension and outreach. In additional our full-time career advisor/coordinator is dedicated to enabling leadership development, professionalism, networking and job search activities for our graduate students. Our current graduate students are able to connect with graduate alumni and other top individuals in industry, academia, and government to gain insight on career opportunities and tools for success. Our research is connected across campus and externally. Many of our faculty and students participate in interdisciplinary graduate programs, such as the Interdepartmental Nutrition Program (INP), and Purdue University Life Sciences (PULSe) which provide students with exceptional opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary research. Our research programs utilize laboratory based research as well as research at animal facilities both on and off campus, including the USDA Livestock Behavior Research Unit. The department’s research topics fall into one of five broad areas: 

  • Animal production and management
  • Food safety and quality
  • Molecular animal physiology and metabolism
  • Animal health and well-being
  • Gene regulation

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving animal product quality as well as animal welfare. Toward this end, we have identified four Grand Challenges within the field that we seek to address:

  • Increasing efficiency of production
  • Improving quality of meat products
  • Understanding, defining, and advancing animal welfare
  • Reducing environmental impacts without diminishing production
We look forward to receiving your application. If you have further questions, please contact