Multistate Research Projects​

A researcher may have a single federal formula-funded agricultural research project that encompasses the breadth of his or her research program. However, when appropriate, a team of faculty may submit a joint project. An alternative is a multistate research project that involves scientists from two or more states who are mutually responsible for accomplishing the objectives of the project and that has been approved by USDA-NIFA national program leaders.

Other multistate projects are approved only by Agricultural Research directors and not by USDA-NIFA national program leaders. These multistate projects tend to focus on networking of scientists to develop research ideas and/or to develop Extension and other educational programs. These multistate projects cannot be considered as replacements for Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, or Animal Health federal formula-funded projects.

The North Central Regional Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (NCRA) is one of four regional associations responsible for facilitating regional and national research.

Establishing a multistate project requires approval of a five-year multistate research proposal. Information about proposal preparation for the North Central Region is on the National Information Management and Support System (NIMSS) website. NIMSS is a webbased application that participants in multistate research projects and activities may use to submit proposals and reports online. Interested parties, stakeholders, and cooperators can also query the system.

A scientist interested in becoming involved in existing multistate projects or developing a project should contact the senior associate director of Agricultural Research, who administers the Guidelines for North Central Multistate Research (NCMR).