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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Biological And Agricultural Engineering

Engel, Bernard

Development And Evaluation Of TMDL Planning And Assessment Tools And Processes (S273)

Engel, Bernard

Agricultural Safety And Health Research And Extension

Field , William

Drainage Design And Management Practices To Improve Water Quality

Frankenberger, Jane

Kladivko, Eileen

MWPS: Research And Extension Educational Materials

Jones, Don

Swine Management Research Committee

Jones, Don

Richert, Brian

Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skeletal Muscle Growth and Differentiation

Lu, Chang

Irudayaraj, Joseph

Rickus, Jenna

Management Of Grain Quality And Security For World Markets

Maier, Dirk

Mason, Linda

Stroshine, Richard

Whole Farm Dairy And Beef Systems For Environmental Quality

Mohtar, Rabi

Nanotechnology And Biosensors

Rickus, Jenna

Assuring Fruit And Vegetable Product Quality And Safety Through The Handling And Marketing Chain

Stroshine, Richard

The Science And Engineering For A Biobased Industry And Economy

Tao, Bernard

Agricultural Economics

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
The Science And Engineering For A Biobased Industry And Economy

Tao, Bernard

Applied Commodity Price Analysis, Forecasting, And Market Risk Management (NCDC-198 And NCR-134)

Alexander, Corinne

Research Committee On Commodity Promotion

Balagtas, Joseph

Improving The Management And Effectiveness Of Cooperatively Owned Business Organizations

Fulton, Joan

Rural Development, Work And Poverty In The North Central Region

Keeney, Roman

Interfacing Technological, Economic, And Institutional Principles For Managing Inter-Sector Mobilization Of Water

Loehman, Edna

Site-Specific Management

Lowenberg-DeBoer, Jess

Nielsen, Robert

Impact Analysis And Decision Strategies For Agricultural Research

Masters, William

Rural Communities, Rural Labor Markets And Public Policy

McNamara, Kevin

Agricultural Economics

Thompson, Sarahelen

Agricultural And Rural Finance Markets In Transition (NC221, NCT-194)

Wilson, Christine

Baker, Timothy


Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Crop And Soil Research

Beyrouty, Craig

Assessing Nitrogen Mineralization And Other Diagnostic Criteria To Refine Nitrogen Rates For Crops And Minimize Losses

Brouder, Sylvie

Specialized Soil Amendments And Products, Growth Stimulants And Soil Fertility Management Programs (NCR-103)

Brouder, Sylvie

Soil Testing And Plant Analysis

Brouder, Sylvie

Swine Reproductive Physiology

Diekman, Mark

The National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) (From NRSP3)

Grant, Richard

Impact Of Climate And Soils On Crop Selection And Management (NC094 Renewal)

Grant, Richard

Evaluating The Physical And Biological Availability Of Pesticides And Pharmaceuticals In Agricultural Contexts (From W082)

Lee, Linda

Sassman, S.

Basic And Applied Aspects Of Bacterial Source Tracking

Nakatsu, Cindy

Plant Breeding

Ohm, Herbert

Soil Survey

Owens, Phillip

Steinhardt, Gary

North Central Regional Turfgrass Research

Reicher, Zachary

The Chemical And Physical Nature Of Particulate Matter Affecting Air, Water And Soil Quality. (NCR174)

Schulze, Darrell

Chemistry, Bioavailability, And Toxicity Of Constituents In Residuals And Residual-Treated Soils

Schwab, Paul

Improved Crop And Livestock Management For Protecting The Non-Glaciated Upper Mississippi Valley

Steinhardt, Gary

Carbon Sequestration And Distribution In Soils Of Eroded Landscapes (Formerly NCT199 And NC174)

Steinhardt, Gary

Soil Organic Matter: Formation, Function and Management

Turco, Ron

Ecophysiological Aspects Of Forage Management

Volenec, Jeff

Animal Sciences

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Committee On Swine Nutrition

Adeola, Olayiwola

Animal Manure And Waste Utilization, Treatment And Nuisance Avoidance For A Sustainable Agriculture (S275)

Applegate, Todd

Sutton, Alan

National Animal Genome Research Program (From NRSP-8)

Bidwell, Christopher

Metabolic Relationships In Supply Of Nutrients For Lactating Cows (NC-185)

Donkin, Shawn

Animal Behavior And Welfare

Garner, Joseph

Livestock Production

Grant, Alan

Management Systems To Improve The Economic And Environmental Sustainability Of Dairy Enterprises (Rev. NC-119)

Johnson, Timothy

Methods To Increase Reproductive Efficiency In Cattle (Rev. NC-113)

Krisher, Rebecca

Germ Cell And Embryo Development And Manipulation For The Improvement Of Livestock

Krisher, Rebecca

Regulation Of Adipose Tissue Accretion In Meat-Producing Animals (NCR97)

Mills, Scott

Advanced Technologies For The Genetic Improvement Of Poultry (Was NC-168)

Muir, William

The Interface Of Molecular And Quantitative Genetics In Plant And Animal Breeding

Muir, William

Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare

Pajor, Edmond

Garner, Joseph

Nutritional Systems For Swine To Increase Reproductive Efficiency (S-288)

Radcliffe, Scott

Genetic And Functional Genomic Approaches To Improve Production And Quality Of Pork

Stewart, Terry

Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skeletal Muscle Growth And Differentiation

Swartz, Darl R.

Botany and Plant Pathology

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Soybean Diseases (NCR137)

Abney, Scott

Plant Pathology

Goldsbrough, Peter

Development Of Plant Pathogens As Bioherbicides For Weed Control (S268)

Hallett, Steve

Integrated Pest Management

Latin, Rick

Soybean Rust

Shaner, Gregory

Management Of Small Grain Diseases

Shaner, Gregory

Biological Control Of Plant Pathogens In The North Central Region (NC125)

Westphal, Andreas

Ecological And Genetic Diversity Of Soilborne Pathogens And Indigenous Microflora

Westphal, Andreas

Mycotoxins: Biosecurity And Food Safety

Woloshuk, Charles

Biochemistry And Genetics Of Plant-Fungal Interactions

Xu, Jin-Rong


Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Impact Of Changing Management Systems On Soil Nematode Communities (NC215)

Ferris , Virginia

Faghihi, Jamal

Health And Survival Of Honey Bee Colonies

Hunt, Greg

Ecology And Management Of European Corn Borer And Other Lepidopteran Pests Of Corn (New Project)

Krupke, Christian

Development, Optimization, and Delivery of Management Strategies for Corn Rootworms and Other Below-ground Insect Pests of Maize.

Krupke, Christian

Development, Optimization And Delivery Of Management Strategies For Corn Rootworms

Krupke, Christian

Dynamic Soybean Pest Management For Evolving Agricultural Technologies And Cropping Systems (S-281)

O'Neil, Robert

Bledsoe, Larry

Krupke, Christian

Biological Control of Arthropods and Weeds

O'Neil, Robert J.

Insect And Manure Management In Poultry Systems: Elements Relative To Food Safety And Nuisance Issues (S274)

Williams, Ralph

Entomology And Economic Zoology

Yaninek, Steve

Food Science

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Improvement Of Thermal And Alternative Processes For Foods

Morgan, Mark

Corvalan, Carlos

Keener, Kevin

Mauer, Lisa

Okos, Martin

Food Science And Human Nutrition

Nielsen, Suzanne

Forestry and Natural Resources

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Reduction Of Error In Rural And Agricultural Surveys

Broussard, Shorna

Agrochemical Impacts On Human And Environmental Health: Mechanisms And Mitigation (From W045)

Sepulveda, Maria

Forestry And Forest Products

Swihart, Rob

Fisheries And Wildlife

Weeks, Harmon

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Horticultural Crops

Ashworth, Edward

Small Fruit And Viticulture Research

Bordelon, Bruce

Multi-State Evaluation Of Winegrape Cultivars And Clones

Bordelon, Bruce

Managing And Marketing Environmental Plants For Improved Production, Profitability, And Efficiency

Dennis, Jennifer

Fruit And Vegetable Marketing Innovations And Demand Assessment (S-222)

Dennis, Jennifer

Rootstock And Interstem Effects On Pome- And Stone-Fruit Trees

Hirst, Peter

Multidisciplinary Evaluation Of Tree Fruit Cultivars

Hirst, Peter

Conservation, Management, Enhancement And Utilization Of Plant Genetic Resources

Janick, Jules

Production, Transition Handling, And Reestablishment Of Perennial Nursery Stock

Mickelbart, Michael

Controlled Environment Technology and Use

Mitchell, Cary

Youth Development and Agricultural Education

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Agricultural Education Research

Tormoehlen, Roger

College of Consumer and Family Science

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Parent And Household Influences On Calcium Intake Among Preadolescents

Boushey, Carol

Ochoa-Acuna, Hugo

The Economic And Psychological Determinants Of Household Savings Behavior

DeVaney, Sharon

Family Economics (New Proposal)

DeVaney, Sharon

Rural Low-Income Families: Tracking Their Well-Being And Function In An Era Of Welfare Reform (NC223)

Kiss, Elizabeth

Human Sciences

Savaiano, Dennis

Family Firms and Policy

Schrank, Holly

Marshall, Maria

Family Business Viability In Economically Vulnerable Communities

Schrank, Holly

Nutrient Bioavailability--Phytonutrients And Beyond

Weaver, Connie

School of Veterinary Medicine

Project Title
Project Number
Purdue Representative
Animal Health Advisory Committee

Asem, Eli

Control Of Emerging And Re-Emerging Poultry Respiratory Diseases In The United States (Was NC-228)

Wu, C. C.


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