Indiana Turkey Market Development Program

The Indiana General Assembly passed legislation in the 1970's that allowed agricultural commodity producers to establish commodity market development program with producer-led councils.  The legislation charges the Dean of Agriculture or his/her designee at Purdue University with the establishment process and administration of check-off funds received through these programs.  Programs conducted by these councils may include: 

  • Market development and research programs

  • Market promotion, education and public relations programs

  • Market information services

In 1976, Indiana turkey growers successfully petitioned the Dean of Agriculture at Purdue University to establish an Indiana Turkey Market Development Council.  The Dean charged the Agricultural Experiment Station (now called the Office of Agricultural Research at Purdue University) and the Indiana State Poultry Association with administration of this current nine-member council.
Check-off funds at the approved amount of $0.0003 per pound net live weight sold in the State of Indiana are collected, audited, and administered by the Office of Agricultural Research at Purdue (ARP).  The Director of ARP is guided in the expenditure of those funds by the Indiana Turkey Market Development Council.
Indiana Turkey Market Development Council activities include active participation with and support to the National Turkey Federation (Link: in addition to hosting an educational producer meeting annually.




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