School of Consumer and Family Sciences


School of Consumer and Family Sciences Faculty and Areas of Expertise

Child Development and Family Studies
Consumer Sciences and Retailing
Foods and Nutrition
Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional, and Tourism Management

Child Development and Family Studies - CDFS

  • Diamond, KE -- Interactions between preschool children with and without disabilities
  • Elicker, J -- Infancy through middle childhood, infant child care
  • Frazier-Gustafson, JA -- Early childhood education, home and school environments
  • Hess, LE -- Family and peer relationships, aggression/victimization in schools
  • Jurich, JA -- Reproductive health care issues (pregnancy, contraception, AIDS)
  • Keiley, MK -- Development of affect regulation in individuals, development of externalizing and internalizing behaviors, violence, sexual abuse and addiction in families.
  • Kontos, SJ -- Effects of child care environments on children's development
  • MacDermid, SM -- Work and family relationships, adult mid-life development
  • Melson, GF -- Social development of young children
  • Myers-Walls, JA -- Adolescent pregnancy and parenthood
  • Okagaki, L -- Children, family and school linkages, minority emphasis
  • Perez-Granados, DR -- Children's cognitive and language development
  • Piercy, FP -- Family therapy education, substance abuse, AIDS
  • Powell, DR -- Early childhood education and parent programs
  • Seery, BL -- Women's work in families, poor, rural women and their families, feminist perspectives on families
  • Sprenkle, DH -- Marriage and family therapy and supervision
  • Targ, DB -- Families and work, adult children/dependent parents
  • Thomas, VK -- Marriage and family assessment and supervision, ethical issues, grief issues
  • Usita, PM -- Adult parent-child relationships, family diversity, effects of health issues on mid- and late-life families, educational gerontology

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Consumer Sciences and Retailing - CSR

  • Chakravarty, S -- Consumer economics issues in banking and financial markets
  • Christiansen, T -- Retailing and consumer behavior
  • Comer, L -- Sales force management, performance, and motivation
  • DeVaney, S -- Consumer economics (bankruptcy, health care, aging, credit issues)
  • Feinberg, R -- Consumer behavior, customer satisfaction, customer service
  • Hong, G-S -- Consumer economics (family finance issues)
  • Ladisch, CM -- Textiles
  • Owen, A -- Family business, home-based business
  • Schrank, H -- Small business retailing, downtown retailing, retail location
  • Williams, F -- Family and personal economic well-being

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Foods and Nutrition - F&N

  • Belury, MA -- Dietary fatty acids and carcinogensis
  • Boushey, CJ -- Nutritional epidemiology, dietary assessment methods
  • Burgess, JR -- Adaptation to oxidative stress (polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism, vitamin E, selenium, ascorbate, coenzyme Q and phospholipases)
  • Daniel, JR -- Carbohydrates, non-cariogenic sweeteners, food gums, fat substitutes
  • Evers, WD -- Technology in nutrition education
  • Gretebeck, R -- Energy expenditure, body composition, macronutrient metabolism
  • Jackman, LA -- Calcium metabolism, nutrition and exercise
  • Jamesen, KS -- Nutrition education
  • Martin, BR -- Calcium and metabolism of other minerals
  • Mason, AC -- Trace mineral metabolism in plants and animals
  • Mattes, R -- Regulation of food intake
  • MorrÉ, DM -- Chemoprevention of tumorigenesis by nutrients
  • Santerre, CR -- Food toxicology and chemistry
  • Savaiano, DA -- Lactose intolerance
  • Story, J A -- Nutritional regulation of cholesterol metabolism
  • Teegarden, D -- Nutrition and cancer
  • Vandergraff, D -- Nutrition education for limited resource families and youth
  • Weaver, CM -- Bioavailability of minerals, calcium metabolism and exercise
  • Wood, OB -- Nutrition education

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