College of Agriculture Faculty and Areas of Expertise

Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Agricultural Economics
Animal Sciences
Botany and Plant Pathology
Food Science
Forestry and Natural Resources
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Youth Development and Agricultural Education

Agricultural and Biological Engineering - ABE

  • Engel, BA -- Department Head - Decision support, water resources, GIS
  • Bralts, VF -- Irrigation design, evaluation and management
  • Buckmaster, D --  Agriculture Systems Management, Machine Systems Engineering
  • Campanella, OH -- Food rheology, food extrusion, evaporation, and process simulation
  • Carroll, NJ -- Hydrologic modeling, finite element analysis
  • Chaubey, I -- Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
  • Cherkauer, K -- Hydrology and water resources engineering
  • Ess, DR -- Precision agriculture, sustainable agriculture production systems
  • Field, WE -- Agricultural safety and health, rural rehabilitation, agriAbility
  • Frankenberger, JR -- Hydrologic modeling, water quality, GIS, watershed analysis and protection
  • Haghighi, K -- Machine systems engineering, finite element analysis, modeling and simulation of food, agricultural, and biological products and process and environmental problems
  • Heber, AJ -- Ventilation, air quality, odor, livestock facilities
  • Huggins, L -- Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
  • Ileleji, K -- Agricultural Systems Management, Food Process Engineering, Machine Systems Engineering
  • Irudayaraj, J -- Bionano sensors
  • Ivantysynova, M -- Fluid power systems and mechatronics
  • Krutz, GW -- Optimization of farm field machinery
  • Ladisch, MR -- Bioseparations, chemical and biochemical reactor design and kinetics, biomass conversion
  • Lim, TT -- Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
  • Lu, C -- Nanobiotechnology and biological engineering
  • Lumkes, JH -- Machine systems and controls
  • Mohtar, R -- Numerical methods, natural resources simulation modeling, hydrological systems and environmental interactions, irrigation systems design
  • Mosier, N -- Bioprocess engineering, enzyme mimetics, value added products
  • Murphy, P -- Ag Systems Management
  • Narsimhan, G -- Bioprocess engineering, separations
  • Ni, J --  Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
  • Okos, MR -- Processing of agricultural products
  • Porterfield, DM -- Nano-materials, biological engineering
  • Rickus, J -- Biosensors, bio-nanotechnology, mathematical modeling
  • Sedlak, M -- Biofuels and Chemicals from Renewable Resources
  • Strickland, RM -- Agricultural systems management, computer applications, precision agriculture
  • Stroshine, RL -- Physical properties of agricultural and biological materials (including foods), sensors for measuring quality, quality of fruits, vegetables, grain and seeds
  • Tao, BY -- Bioprocess engineering, enzyme genetics
  • Umulis, D -- Microscopy, Image Analysis, Finite-Element Computer Modeling
  • Vacca, Andrea -- Machine Systems Engineering

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Agricultural Economics - AG ECON

Agronomy - AGRY

Animal Sciences - ANSC

Biochemistry - BCHM

  • Forney, JD -- Department Head - cell differentiation in protozoa
  • Brandt, K -- Enzyme kinetics and mechanism; bioethics
  • Briggs, SD -- Role of histone methylation in gene expression and oncogensis
  • Broyles, SS -- Transcriptional regulation in poxviruses
  • Chapple, C -- Biochemistry and molecular biology of plant secondary metabolism
  • Charbonneau, H -- Metabolic regulatory circuits
  • Clemens, J -- Molecular mechanisms of neuron connection specificity
  • Gimble, F -- Protein-DNA interactions and protein engineering of homing endonucleases
  • Golden, BL -- Structural basis for RNA catalysis
  • Hall, MC -- Regulation of the cell by ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis
  • Hermodson, MA -- Structure and function of membrane transport proteins
  • Kirchmaier, A -- Epigenetic processes that mediate heritable modifications to chromatin
  • Liu, X -- Roles of Polo-like kinase 1 and its interacting proteins in cell proliferation and carcinogenesis
  • Ogas, JP -- Regulation of cell identity, signal transduction, chromatin remodeling
  • Rossie, S S -- Regulation of cellular ion channels
  • Tao, WA -- Proteomics and biological mass spectrometry
  • Weiner, H -- Protein import and enzymology
  • Weith, HL -- Biophysical chemistry of nucleic acids, computation biochemistry

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Botany and Plant Pathology - B&PP

Entomology - ENTM

  • Yaninek, S -- Department Head, Invasive species, biological control
  • Bennett, GW -- Urban and industrial pest management, Urban Center Coordinator
  • Buczkowski, G -- Research Assistant Professor, Urban Entomology
  • Dunn, PE -- Insect biochemistry
  • Edwards, CR -- Field crop pest management
  • Ferris, VR -- Nematode, systematics and molecular biology
  • Foster, RE -- Pest management on vegetable and fruit crops
  • Ginzel, M -- Forest Entomology
  • Hill, C -- Anthropod Vector Biology
  • Holland, J -- Biodiversity/geospatial ecology
  • Hunt, G -- Honey bee genomics and behavioral genetics
  • Krupke, C -- Field crops entomology
  • MacDonald, JF -- Medical Entomology, Vector Control
  • Mason, LJ -- Ecology, food industry pest management, insect behavior
  • McCafferty, WP -- Aquatic insects, insect collection
  • Murdock, LL -- Insect physiology, international crop protection
  • Neal, JJ -- Insect toxicology/physiology, Corn Entomology
  • O'Neil, RJ -- Biological control, predator prey dynamics, predator biology
  • Oseto, CY -- Instruction, K-12 Education
  • Pittendrigh, BR -- Molecular genetics of pesticide resistance
  • Richmond, D -- Turfgrass pest management
  • Sadof, CS -- Landscape pest management, biological control
  • Shade, RE -- Host plant resistance, insect-plant interactions
  • Schemerhorn, B-- USDA-ARS Research entomologist, Population Genetics & Risk Assessment
  • Shukle, RH -- USDA-ARS Research entomologist, Host-Plant Resistance
  • Sparks, TC -- Insecticide biochemistry and mode of action
  • Stuart, JJ -- Insect and molecular genetics
  • Turpin, FT -- Instruction & Outreach, Instruction Development Specialist
  • Wang, C -- Research Assistant Professor, Urban Entomology
  • Williams, CE -- USDA_ARS Research Molecular Biologist, Molecular Genetics of Host-plant Resistance
  • Williams, RE -- Public health and livestock pest management, forensic entomology
  • York, AC -- Biology and control of arthropods affecting vegetables

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Food Science - FS

Forestry and Natural Resources - F&NR

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture - H&LA

Youth Development and Agricultural Education - YDAE

  • Tormoehlen, R -- Department Head - Engineering programs for youth, multimedia, distance education
  • Balschweid, M -- Integration of science and agriculture in education
  • Brady, C -- Human-animal interaction, animal assisted education
  • Carroll, N -- Youth natural resource education
  • Morris, P -- Multicultural education, international programs, community service learning
  • Orvis, K -- Youth plant science education, biotechnology education
  • Peters, J -- Reflective teaching; development of strategies for secondary teachers, leadership education
  • Pilat, M -- Adolescent development and communities
  • Rusk, C -- Youth animal education; reproductive biology, animal bio-security
  • Talbert, BA -- Underrepresented populations in agriculture; agricultural education in urban settings
  • Tucker, M -- Risk and science communication

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