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School of Veterinary Medicine Faculty and Areas of Expertise

Basic Medical Sciences
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Veterinary Pathobiology

Basic Medical Sciences - BMS

  • Andrisani, O -- Eukaryotic gene regulation, role of the transcription factor CREB in mechanisms of growth control and cellular differentiation
  • Asem E-- Cellular and molecular physiology (reproductive physiology, biology of basement membranes)
  • Babbs, C -- Applied cardiovascular physiology and biomedical engineering
  • Bill, R -- Innovaitive distance learning education strategies and techniques, use of computer-assisted instruction in veterinary education and clinical pharmacology
  • Borgens, R -- Development and differentiation, spinal cord regeneration, tissue regeneration and its physiological control, devices to influence regeneration, developmental biology, control of nervous system development, amphibian limb regeneration
  • Coppoc, G -- Education and information technology as applied to biomedical and agricultural sciences, pharmacokinetics and drug residues, comparative onocology
  • Hannon, K -- Developmental biology, growth factor biology and molecular biology
  • Hullinger, R -- Development of endocrine and reproductive systems, space biology, development of faculty in veterinary medicine
  • Jaeger, C -- Development, plasticity and regeneration of the central nervous system (CNS) after trauma, role of neuron/endothelial cell interactions in the formation of CNS pathways
  • Kinch, M -- Cell adhesion and signal transduction in cancer cells, with emphasis upon protein tyrosine phosphorylation
  • Lamar, C -- In Vitro cell models for the evaluations of biomedical problems, importance of epidermal growth factor and insulin as a mucosal protectant of the upper gastrointestinal tract
  • Nour, A -- Technology transfer, food security and sustainable animal production
  • Robinson, J -- Flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, bio-medical engineering components of high technology research tools, multimedia tools for educational purposes
  • Shi, R -- Cellular and molecular underlying mechanisms of nerve damage and recovery
  • Tacker, W -- Treatment of sudden-death syndrome, treatment of congestive heart failure with implantable devices, internal cardiac defribrillation
  • Turek, J -- Electron microscopic and image analysis methods to study cell structure and function, mechanisms of dietary lipid modulation of the immune system in infectious disease and tissue injury and repair
  • VanSickle, D -- Osteoarthritis, osseointegration of prosthetic implants, biocompatibility of orthopedic products, use of growth factors in orthopedics and skeletal dynamics
  • Walker, J -- Developmental neurobiology, axon guidance, formation of neuronal connections, fetal alcohol syndrome, human anatomy, establishment of topographical specificity in the developing brain, effects of alcohol on the early formation of neural circuits

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Veterinary Clinical Sciences - VCS

  • Adams, L -- Small animal internal medicine, educational methodology, nephrology and urology, nutritional therapy of renal failure, therapy of idiopathic feline lower urinary tract disease
  • Adams, S -- Large animal (equine) orthopedic surgery, arthroscopic surgery, large animal gastrointestinal diseases
  • Amass, S -- Swine production medicine, swine respiratory disease research
  • Arighi, M -- Food animal gastrointestinal surgery and diseases, large animal reproductive surgery, equine growth plate diseases
  • Blakemore, J -- Veterinary dermatology international slide bank
  • Blevins, W -- Radiology, ultrasonography
  • Breur, G -- Normal and abnormal bone growth, artificial joint implants, small animal orthopedic surgery
  • Clark, K -- Swine production medicine, swine respiratory disease research
  • Couetil, L -- Large animal internal medicine, equine sports medicine
  • Fessler, J -- Equine surgery, development and testing of orthopedic systems in animal models, shock in large animals
  • Guptil-Yoran, C -- Small animal internal medicine
  • Hawkins, J -- Equine surgery, diseases of the equine upper respiratory tract and musculoskeletal system
  • Hill, M -- Swine production medicine, arthritis, educational methodology, swine respiratory disease research
  • Hortsman, L -- Bovine theriogenology including embryo transfer
  • Kenyon, S -- Ruminant production medicine, milk quality, mastitis and udder health and animal health consequences of herd expansion
  • Knapp, D -- Oncology, comparative oncology, cancer chemotherapy, cancer chemoprevention
  • Krohne, S -- Ophthalmology, uveitis, blood aqueous barrier, blood retinal barrier, ocular lymphoma inflamatory intermediates and uveitis in the horse, ocular-blood barrier studies using laser flarimetry in dogs
  • Lantz, G -- Dentistry, gastric dilatation-volvulus, reperfusion injury, vascular grafts skeletal muscle for cardiac assist, surgical oncology
  • Levy, M -- Small animal internal medicine, large animal internal medicine, gastroenterology, respiratory diseases, interactive videodisc technology in veterinary medical education
  • Luescher, A -- Animal behavior, compulsive disorder in dogs
  • Martin, D -- Anesthesiology, clinical pain management and various new methods to achieve pain control, epidural analgesia and anesthesia using newer drug combinations
  • McClure, S -- Large animal orthopedic surgery, clinical equine orthopedics
  • Morrison, W-- Small animal internal medicine, clinical oncology and respiratory disorders, wildlife management, clinical ultrasonography
  • Peter, A -- Endocrinopathies related to reproductive disorders in domestic animals
  • Ragland, D -- Gastrointestinal diseases, nutrition and animal disease models, nutrient digestibility and metabolism, duck nutrition
  • Salisbury, K -- Educational methodology, small animal oncologic surgery, reconstructive surgery, peritonitis, gastric dilatation-volvulus, skeletal muscle for cardiac assist, oncologic and reconstructive surgery
  • Scott-Moncrieff, J -- Small animal internal medicine, endocrinology, clinical immunology pharmacokenetics
  • Sojka, J -- Large animal internal medicine, stable isotopes in mineral metabolism research
  • Toombs, J -- Small animal orthopedic surgery, neuro surgery, artificial joint implants, development and testing of orthopedic systems in animal models, paralysis research
  • Waters, D -- Comparative oncology, small animal orthopedic surgery
  • Weirich, W -- Small animal cardiovascular surgery, subaoritic stenosis in the purebred canine
  • Widmer, W -- Diagnostic imaging, iodinated contrast media for radiographic procedures, osteoarthritis

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Veterinary Pathobiology - VP

  • Beck, A -- Human-animal interactions, animal and human behavior, animal bite and attack behavior, attack eqidemiology, rabies epidemiology, animals and child development and biomedical ethics
  • Byrne, B -- Microbial pathogenesis, bacterial virulence factors, host-parasite interactions
  • Christian, J -- Erythrocyte senescence, mechanisms of erythrocyte clearance, biology and bio markers of aging, comparative cryo-hematology and transfusion medicine, comparative erythrocyte membrane biochemistry
  • DeNicola, D -- Cytologic and biochemical profiling of body fluids, oncology, diagnostic cytology, immunocytochemistry, surgical pathology
  • Freeman, M -- Evaluation of adjuvants and immuno-modulators, characterization of macrophages
  • Glickman, L -- Comparative animal empidemiology, zoonoses, environmental medicine, parasitic infections, pica in children, vaccine evaluation
  • Guo, P -- Mechanism of viral assembly focusing on DNA packaging and viral RNA biochemistry, synthetic viral particle vaccines, gene delviery systems, anti-viral therapy, chimeric virus displaying antigens or ligands
  • Harrington, D -- Nutritional disease, skin diseases
  • Hogenesch, H -- Mucosal immunology and mucosal vaccines, bartonella henselae, role of cis-urocanic acid in UV-induced immunosuppression, immunobiology of the skin
  • Hooser, S -- Hepatic toxicology, diagnostic toxicology, reproductive toxicology
  • Kanitz, C -- Viral diseases of swine, tests for viral antigens and/or antibodies for use in diagnosis and control of animal diseases, cell culture methods with applications to diagnostic virologic procedures
  • Kazacos, E -- Pathology of pancreatic diseases, zinc toxicosis, ultrastructural pathology, pathology of parasitic diseases, diagnostic and clinical parasitology, immunobiology of helminth infextious, parasitic zoonoses, visceral , ocular and newural larva migrans, Baylisascaris spp.
  • Kazacos, K -- Pathogenesis, pathology, epidemiology of parasitic diseases
  • Kreisle, R -- Computer-assisted image analysis, development of software for teaching.
  • Lin, T -- Diagnostic pathology, molecular pathology and immuno histopathology of infectious toxic and neoplastic diseases, and avian, swine, fish and Laboratory animal pathology
  • Mittal, S -- Viral vectors, recombinant vaccines, gene therapy, adenovirus, gene expression, role of adenovirus early region 1 and early region 3 in pathogenesis, mucosal immunity, DNA immunization, transgenic plants as oral vaccines
  • Qureshi, T -- Control of parasitic infections in domestic and wildlife species, immunology, pathology and epidemiology of parasite infections, control of Fascioloides magna in white-tailed deer
  • Rebar, A -- Toxicologic pathology, inhalation toxicology, diagnostic cytology and hematology
  • Saeed, A -- Epidemiology of infectious diseases (Salmonellosis, enteropathogenic, verotoxigenic and enterotoxigenic E. coli, Campylobacter, yersinia), development and evaluation of diagnostics and vaccines for infectious diseases in humans and animals, evaluation of clinical trails for drugs and vaccines in domestic animals and poultry, food safety epidemiology, risk assessment, prevention and control of infectious diseases in domestic animals particularly poultry flocks
  • Snyder, P -- Immunopathology, immunotoxicology, toxicologic pathology, developmental biology, environmental medicine
  • Stevenson, G -- Swine infectious diseases, swine pathology
  • Thacker, H -- Avian diseases, swine diseases
  • Van Alstine, W -- Respiratory pathology, pulmonary immunopathology, PRRS pathogenesis, swine mycoplasmosis, aerosolized antigens, diagnostic food animal pathology
  • VanVleet, J -- Cardiovascular pathology, cardiotoxicity, skeletal muscle pathology, selenium-vitamin E deficiency
  • White, M -- Pathology of mammalian and fish diseases
  • Wu, C -- Microbial pathogenesis, host-parasite interactions, molecular detection and differentiation of microbial pathogens, recombinant and DNA vaccines, clinical microbiology (diagnostics and antimicrobial susceptibility and resistance)

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