Purdue Soybea​n Center

The mission of the Purdue Soybean Center is to address emerging global challenges throughout the soybean value chain using innovative multidisciplinary approaches with collaboration between industry, government, non-profits, and academic institutions.

Past Events

Stakeholder Meeting:  January 14-15, 2014

The meeting will begin with an evening networking gathering of about twenty stakeholders representing the soybean value chain broadly-defined, faculty members of the Purdue Soybean Center, and Purdue administrators.  On the next day, we will engage in focused discussions of grand challenge white papers drafted by the Purdue Soybean Center faculty.  The outcomes from this listening session will include the formulation of multidisciplinary approaches to the challenges we identify, as well as actions across all the missions of our college.

Meeting to Define Multidisciplinary Issues in the Soybean Value Chain:  November 13, 2013


Soybean Center Resources - Follow this link to access all of the Soybean Center resources compiled to date. Purdue Career Account login ID and password required.

Soybean Center Steering Committee

  • Todd Applegate, Department of Animal Sciences
  • Joan Fulton, Department of Agricultural Economics
  • Karen Hudson, Department of Agronomy & ARS (Co-Chair)
  • Jay Hulbert, Ag Alumni Seed
  • Theresa Hughes, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology & ARS
  • Kevin Keener, Department of Food Science
  • Marshall Martin, Department of Ag Economics & Ag Research (Convener)
  • Dawn Parks, Ag Research
  • Katy Martin Rainey, Department of Agronomy (Chair)