​​2016 Hunting and Access Policy: Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center


NOTICE: SEPAC is NOT allowing the use of expanded caliber firearms for deer hunting as defined by Indiana House Bill 1231 - "private property only"


The Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC) promotes development and dissemination of knowledge and stewardship of Indiana's natural resources. One way this goal is achieved is by managing the property for opportunities for research and education as well as sustainable use.
Wildlife is one of many important natural resources found at SEPAC. This resource will be used extensively in the research and demonstration efforts of the staff and faculty of Purdue University. Detailed monitoring and management of the wildlife will be an ongoing effort.
Hunting has been approved on approximately 1600 acres as a legitimate use and management tool for SEPAC. Some species of wildlife can be hunted year after year with beneficial effects. Other species may benefit from no hunting. Currently all species listed in the 2016-2017 Indiana Hunting and Trapping Guide are available to hunt.
Whether individual species of wildlife can be hunted, specific activities will be allowed or individual parcels of land can be accessed will be at the discretion of the Office of the Director of Purdue Agricultural Centers and implemented by the Superintendent of SEPAC.
Other natural resource activities conducted on SEPAC will also require access permission. These activities include but are not limited to mushroom hunting, bird watching or hiking.

Procedure to Hunt and Access SEPAC

Persons interested in hunting or accessing SEPAC property shall be required to obtain a Hunting and Access Permission Agreement by registering online via the SEPAC Hunting Registration Form. The Hunting and Access Permission Agreement (pdf) outlines the rules to be followed while on SEPAC, defines the areas available for access on the Hunting Access Map (pdf) and the Hunting Aerial Map (pdf), and includes several liability disclaimers.
All applicants for a Hunting and Access Permission Agreements will be required to complete a Hunting and Access Report Survey on activities from their previous year’s use of the property. This survey is part of the online application process. Information obtained from these surveys as well as research conducted by Purdue University will give the SEPAC a better understanding of the effect of hunting and access on wildlife management.


Questions about this policy should be directed to:
Joel Wahlman, Superintendent                                                           SEPAC property is a public property but is
Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center                                                  university-owned and managed for our mission
PO Box 216                                                                                      of research and extension education.
Butlerville IN 47223                                                                            Purdue University reserves the right to limit
812-458-6977                                                                                access and use if activity conflicts with this mission.



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