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Permit Registration

###-###-#### Format   

###-###-#### Format 
Have you previously held a permit?

I,  (hereinafter known as "Permittee"), the undersigned, agrees to abide by the terms of this Hunting and Access Permission Agreement (hereinafter known as “Agreement”) listed below as consideration for permission to hunt or access the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center.

1. Permittee agrees to abide by all State and Federal laws pertaining to any game species hunted. All wildlife species listed in the current Indiana Hunting and Trapping Guide will be available to hunt. Mushroom hunting will be allowed but cutting of any trees or digging of any root crops such as ginseng or yellowroot is not permitted.
2. Permittee agrees to hold the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center harmless from any and all claims for damage or injuries resulting from an accident or activity arising from the Permittee's enjoyment of this permission. Any accidents will be reported to the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center immediately.
3. This permission may be suspended by the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center for any reason and at any time.
4. Permittee agrees to remove all foreign material carried onto said property by himself and further agrees to protect all improvements such as lanes, fences, signs, crops (trees) and ground cover from any and all damage. If damage to said property should occur while exercising the enjoyment of this permission agreement, Permittee will make repairs or pay for said repairs or sufficiently compensate the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center for damages.
5. Permittee agrees to conduct himself in sportsmanlike and neighborly manner while on the property and in matters concerning neighboring landowners. Permittee will not shoot in the vicinity or direction of buildings or at game located off the property.
6. Permittee will not use the property while under the influence of intoxicating substances, will not bring intoxicating substances onto the property, nor use the property for any unlawful activities.
7. Permittee will not build any structures. Portable stands to elevate hunters are allowed provided nothing is driven or screwed into trees beyond 1/2 inch. All stands must be labeled with the hunter's name, address and phone number or they will be subject to removal upon discovery. All stands must be removed at the conclusion of the hunting seasons. Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center will have no stands between February 1 and August 31.
8. This Agreement is only valid for the parcels of land designated as hunting and access areas by the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center. A map, posted signs and any other means of communication necessary will be used to outline those areas. Maps are available for download by visiting
9. Permittee will complete the online Hunting and Access Report Form during the registration process. Failure to comply will result in the denial of a permit being issued to the Permittee.
10. Permittee is not allowed to use expanded caliber firearms (example: 243, 30-06, etc.) for deer hunting on SEPAC property as defined by Indiana House Bill 1231.
11. Permittee will keep gates closed at all times. Permittee will not block gates or access lanes in any fashion. No vehicles will be allowed past gates at any time.
12. Permittee assumes all responsibility for damage or injury to neighbors or neighboring property or livestock arising from the enjoyment of this permission.
13. Permittee agrees to carry on his or her person a copy of this Agreement for inspection by any authority at any time the Permittee is on the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center.
14. While on the property Permittee will place a copy of this form on the front dashboard of his vehicle and keep a copy of this form on his or her person while hunting. Parked vehicles must be visible from the road and will be allowed only in designated areas or along the road side.
15. All-terrain vehicles are not allowed on the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center by the Permittee.
16. Permittee is allowed to bring one (1) guest on the indicated property so long as the guest agrees the above rules. Permittee is responsible for the actions of his or her guest. The guest must also carry a copy of this Agreement if not in visual distance of Permittee. The guest is only allowed on the property while hunting with the Permittee.
17. The Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center by this Agreement, does not convey to Permittee any authority, rights or claim in real estate except as is specifically set out above and does not make any guarantee to Permittee that the real estate is safe for any use or purpose.
18. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources Enforcement Division, the Indiana State Police and the Jennings County Sheriff's Department will enforce this policy with appropriate action.
19. Violation of any of the above by Permittee may result in the immediate termination of this Agreement by the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center.

All rights, permission and privileges conveyed to the Permittee by this Agreement are subject to and subservient to the rights of the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center as owners of the property.

 Check to state that you have read and understand the above agreement.