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MELCAST is a weather-based spray advisory program for controlling foliar diseases of muskmelon and watermelon.  MELCAST Update is a newsletter that provides a table of the MELCAST Values for the last 7 days plus a brief description of weather conditions and pest management news.  Call (812) 886-0198 to arrange for a free digital or hard copy subscription of the MELCAST Update. 

Pest & Crop Newsletter

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​Vegetable Crops Hotline

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The Vegetable Crops Hotline newsletter provides the commercial vegetable growers with timely information about disease, insect, and weed pests, fertility practices, post-harvest problems, pesticide label changes, meetings and much more.  The Hotline is published 15 times a year including an off-season issue in November.  Hotline subscribers may also receive the Vegetable Crops Hotline-Bulletin either by email or fax.  

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Wenjing Guan
Purdue University
4369 N. Purdue Road
VIncennes, IN 47591