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May 14
MELCAST Changes for 2014

In the Vegetable Crops Hotline issue number 580​, I introduced MELCAST for 2014.  In that article, I explained how MELCAST could be used to schedule fungicides for cantaloupe and watermelon crops for the management of foliar diseases.  Since that time, there have been some changes to MELCAST that are described below.

MELCAST for 2014 will work the same as described earlier, but there are some additional features this year.  Along with the Environmental Favorability Index (EFI) values for cantaloupe and watermelon, growers will now be able to see the accumulated precipitation data, the high temperature and the growing degree-days (for field corn).  These additional data columns can be accessed by clicking on the individual site closest to your field.  Access the MELCAST site on the Internet by using​.  The newsletter MELCAST Update will start next week.  The toll free number to access MELCAST data is now working (800) 939-1604

 Thanks to Kyle Purple, IT Specialist with the Botany and Plant Pathology Department at Purdue University for working to get the new MELCAST site up and working.  As always, if you have questions, contact Dan Egel at (812) 886-0198 or 



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