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Nickolas Anderson


 Nickolas Anderson


Graduate Student
(765) 494-0657

I am Nick Anderson from Carver, Minnesota.  I majored in Biochemistry from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln with minors in chemistry and rangeland ecology.  At Nebraska, I worked for one year, with Dr. Robert Spreitzer, studying the structure and function of rubisco in Chlamydomonas and two years, with Dr. Gautam Sarath, researching seed viability of switchgrass.   I worked one internship with the Bureau of Land Management in Lewistown, Montana harvesting seeds from wild plant species for regeneration projects and another as an orientation leader for incoming students for the University of Nebraska.  

I came to Purdue University, in 2007, and decided to join Clint Chapple’s lab.  We study the phenylpropanoid pathway, using Arabidopsis thaliana, to better understand the biosynthesis of lignin, a compound which impedes the saccharification of cellulose, a key step in the production of biofuels.  My project involves understanding the flow of carbon through the phenylpropanoid pathway, a critical first step in its rational manipulation for biofuels application. 

Outside of lab, I play the banjo in a bluegrass band and enjoy curling down in Indianapolis.