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Christie Eissler


 Christie Eissler



Graduate Student
(765) 494-0716 
My name is Christie Eissler and I am from Lindenhurst Illinois.  Before coming to Purdue University, I received my B.S. in biological science from Northern Illinois University (NIU). Once I arrived here at Purdue, I rotated in four different labs before deciding to join the Hall lab in May of 2008.
In the Hall lab, we are very interested in studying cell cycle regulation and one mechanism by which the cell cycle is regulated is reversible protein phosphorylation. Protein phosphorylation is a post translational modification that can govern many different aspects of a proteins function and often times proteins are phosphorylated at multiple different sites by different protein kinases. One challenge associated with studying protein phosphorylation however is the lack of assays that can be employed to quantitatively monitor the phosphorylation status at individual sites in vivo. Therefore, my project in the lab has been to develop an in vivo mass spectrometry based assay that can be used to quantitatively monitor changes in the phosphorylation status at individual phosphorylation sites on proteins throughout the cell cycle. I have really enjoyed my time in the Hall lab, I think I have a great advisor, the best lab mates anyone could ask for and a really interesting project, together those aspects have led to an enjoyable graduate career!
When I’m not in the lab or reading papers, I’m usually up for doing just about anything! I would have to say that my hobbies include shopping (my favorite!), yoga, pilates and running.
Eissler, C.L., S.C. Bremmer, J.S. Martinez, L.L. Parker, H. Charbonneau and M.C. Hall. 2011. A general strategy for studying multisite protein phosphorylation using label-free selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry. Anal Biochem. 418: 267–275.


 Having fun at the 2009 Purdue vs. NIU football game!


A few of my friends from NIU came our to visit me for the game. They enjoyed sitting in the Purdue section with their NIU shirts on!

From l to r: Graduate students Kelly Sullivan, Aurelie Chuong, Jessica Schoenherr, myself, and Kayla Harmeyer.