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Li Yang


 Li Yang

​       Postdoctoral Research Assistant
(765) 494-4881
Hello, my name is Li Yang and I am a postdoctoral research assistant in Dr. Andy Tao’s group. I’m originally from Tianjin, China, where I received my B.S. degree from College of Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology in Tianjin University. I came to US and continued my education under Dr. James Bruce’s instructions in Washington State University and I received my Ph.D. degree of Chemistry in 2011.
My Ph.D. research was focused on studying protein-protein interactions with novel cross-linking and mass spectrometry technologies.  With this background of proteomics and protein interactions, I joined Dr. Tao’s group in 2011. My current project involves development of a mass spectrometry approach to trace PAMAM dendrimer delivery into live cells. Dendrimers are known as good drug transportation cargos; however the delivery mechanisms are still far away from being completely understood. Traditional methods, e.g. imaging methods can show the subcellular localizations of dendrimers. The new mass spectrometry approach will be used to reveal proteins that interact with dendeimers during the internalization process.  The results of this project will complement the discoveries from the traditional imaging experiments, thus help understand the dendrimer delivery pathways. The new proteomics approach can be applied in studying not only dendrimers, but also other drug transportation vehicles in the future. 
Outside the lab, I enjoy hiking, movies and spending time with my family and friends.
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