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Natalia Dudareva


  • Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry
  • Courtesy Professor

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 

  • Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry
  • Distinguished Professor of Horticulture
HORT Room 112
625 Agriculture Mall Dr
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Awards & Honors

(2011) Elected Chair for the Gordon Research Conference on Plant Metabolic Engineering 2011. Gordon Research Conference.

(2010) AAAS Fellow. American Association for the Advancement of Science.

(2010) Annual Millionaires Club Award, College of Agriculture. Purdue University, Indiana.

(2010) Distinguished Professor. Purdue University, Indiana.

(2006) The Wickersham Chair of Excellence in Agricultural Research. Purdue University.

(2006) University Faculty Scholar in the College of Agriculture. Purdue University.

(2005) Agriculture Research Award. Purdue University.

(2003) “Regulation of monoterpene emission in snapdragon flowers”. DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

Selected Publications

Yoo, H., Widhalm, J. R., Qian, Y., Maeda, H., Cooper, B. R., Jannasch, A. S., . . . Dudareva, N. (2013). An alternative pathway contributes to phenylalanine biosynthesis in plants via a cytosolic tyrosine: phenylpyruvate aminotransferase. Nat. Commun, 4, 2833 doi:10.1038/ncomms3833. Retrieved from

Gutensohn, M., Orlova, I., Nguyen, T. T. H., Davidovich-Rikanati, R., Ferruzzi, M. G., Sitrit, Y., . . . Dudareva, N. (2013). Cytosolic monoterpene biosynthesis is supported by plastid-generated geranyl diphosphate substrate in transgenic tomato fruits. The Plant Journal, 75, 351-363. Retrieved from

Dudareva, N., Klempien, A., Muhlemann, J. K., & Kaplan, I. (2013). Biosynthesis, function and metabolic engineering of plant volatile organic compounds. New Phytologist, 198, 16-32. Retrieved from

Qualley, A. V., Widhalm, J. R., Adebesin, F., Kish, C. M., & Dudareva, N. (2012). Completion of the core β-oxidative pathway of benzoic acid biosynthesis in plants.. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 109, 16383-16388. Retrieved from

Maeda, H., & Dudareva, N. (2012). The shikimate pathway and aromatic amino acid biosynthesis in plants.. Annu. Rev. Plant Biol., 63, 73-105. Retrieved from

Klempien, A., Kaminaga, Y., Qualley, A. V., Nagegowda, D. A., Widhalm, J. R., Orlova, I., . . . Dudareva, N. (2012). Contribution of CoA ligases to benzenoid biosynthesis in petunia flowers.. The Plant Cell, 24, 2015-2030. Retrieved from

Maeda, H., Yoo, H., & Dudareva, N. (2011). Prephenate aminotransferase directs plant phenylalanine biosynthesis via arogenate.. Nat. Chem. Biol., 7, 19-21.

Orlova, I., Nagegowda, D. A., Kish, C. M., Gutensohn, M., Maeda, H., Varbanova, M., . . . Dudareva, N. (2010). Small subunit of geranyl diphosphate synthase modifies the chain length specificity of phylogenetically distant geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase in planta.. The Plant Cell., 21, 4002-4017. Retrieved from

Gershenzon, J., & Dudareva, N. (2007). The function of terpene natural products in the natural world.. Nature Chemical Biology, 3(7), 408-414.

Dudareva, N., Andersson, S., Orlova, I., Gatto, N., Reichelt, M., Rhodes, D., . . . Gershenzon, J. (2005). The nonmevalonate pathway supports both monoterpene and sesquiterpene formation in snapdragon flowers. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, (102), 933-938 (cover).