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​REU Research Areas


After the first week students will focus on individual research projects in one of the following laboratories:
  • Scott Briggs - Histone methylation
  • Clint Chapple - Phenylpropanoid pathway, regulation of lignin synthesis in plants
  • Brian Dilkes - Plant biochemistry, protein analysis using natural variation, genetics​
  • Natalia Dudareva - Plant molecular biology, biochemistry of aromatic compounds 
  • James Forney - Protein sumoylation, protozoa
  • Barbara Golden - Catalysis: RNA/protein
  • Mark Hall - Protein phosphorylation, cell cycle regulation
  • Ann Kirchmaier - Histone modifications, gene silencing
  • Xiaoqi Liu - Polo-like kinase substrates, cell cycle regulation
  • Jeremy Lohman​ - Biochemistry of natural product biosynthetic enzymes 
  • Andrew Mesecar - Mechanisms and function of therapeutic enzymes and proteins 
  • Joseph Ogas - Chromatin remodeling proteins, cell differentiation
  • Dan Szymanski - Protein complexes in plants
  • W. Andy Tao - Proteomics, mass spectrometry
  • Vikki Weake - Histone modifications in cell differentiation, neurobiology