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 CurrentBriggsScottAssociate ProfessorHANS 233 (765) 494-0112 
Role of histone methylation in gene<br />expression and oncogenesis
Briggs labScott BriggsScott BriggsYesScott Briggs
 CurrentBroyles​SteveProfessorBCHM 204(765)
Transcriptional regulation in poxviruses
Steve BroylesSteve BroylesYes​Steve Broyles
 CurrentChapple ClintDistinguished ProfessorBCHM 211(765) 
Biochemistry & molecular biology of<br />plant secondary metabolism
Chapple labClint ChappleClint ChappleYesClint Chapple
 CurrentCharbonneauHarryProfessorBCHM 203(765)
Mitotic Function and Regulation of the<br />Cdc14 Protein
Harry CharbonneauHarry CharbonneauYesHarry Charbonneau
 CurrentDilkesBrianAssociate ProfessorWSLR
Brian dilkesBrian DilkesYesBrian Dilkes
 CurrentDudarevaNataliaDistinguished ProfessorWSLR B030 (765)
Plant biochemistry and molecular biology
Dudareva labNatalia DudarevaNatalia DudarevaYesNatalia Dudareva
 CurrentForneyJamesProfessorBCHM 208 (765)
Regulation of differentiation in<br />protozoa
Forney labJames ForneyJames ForneyYesJames Forney
 CurrentGimbleFrederick S.Associate ProfessorBCHM 10(765) 
Protein-DNA interactions and protein<br />engineering of homing endonucleases
Gimble labFrederick S. GimbleFrederick S. GimbleYesFrederick S. Gimble
 CurrentGoldenBarbaraProfessorBCHM 22 (765)
Structural basis for RNA function
Golden labBarbara GoldenBarbara GoldenYesBarbara Golden
 CurrentGowherHumairaAssistant ProfessorBCHM 313(765)
Regulation of DNA methylation<br>in development and disease
Gowher labHumaira GowherHumaira GowherYesHumaira Gowher
 CurrentHallMarkAssociate ProfessorBIND 194(765) 
Regulation of the cell cycle by<br />ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis;<br />protein mass spectrometry
Hall labMark HallMark HallYesMark Hall
 CurrentHartOrlaClinical Teaching<br />Assistant ProfessorBCHM 107(765)
YesOrla Hart
 CurrentKirchmaierAnnAssociate ProfessorBCHM 321(765) 
Epigenetic processes that mediate<br />heritable modifications to chromatin
Kirchmaier labAnn KirchmaierAnn KirchmaierYesAnn Kirchmaier
 CurrentLiuXiaoqiProfessorBIND 290(765)
Roles of Polo-like kinase 1 and its<br />interacting proteins in cell<br />proliferation and carcinogenesis
Liu labXiaoqi LiuXiaoqi LiuYesXiaoqi Liu
 CurrentLohmanJeremyAssistant ProfessorBCHM 5A(765)
Structural biology and biochemistry <br />of natural product biosynthetic <br />enzymes for combinatorial biosynthesis
Lohman LabJeremy LohmanYesJeremy Lohman
 CurrentMesecarAndyDepartment Head<br />Deputy Director Purdue Center<br /> for Cancer ResearchBCHM 121A(765)
Gene-to Lead Drug Discovery
Mesecar labAndy MesecarAndy MesecarYesAndy Mesecar
 CurrentOgasJoeAssociate ProfessorWSLR B020(765) 
Regulation of cell identity, signal<br />transduction, chromatin remodeling
Ogas labJoe OgasYesJoe Ogas
 CurrentPuthiyaveetilSujithAssistant ProfessorBCHM 305A(765)
Genetic and molecular control <br>of photosynthetic light utilization Puthiyaveetil
 CurrentRossieSandraProfessorBCHM 315(765)
Signal transduction and protein<br />Ser/Thr phosphatases
Sandra RossieSandra RossieYesSandra Rossie
 CurrentTaoW. AndyProfessor<br />HANS 434(765) 
Proteomics and biological <br />mass spectrometry
Tao labW. Andy TaoW. Andy TaoYesW. Andy Tao
 CurrentTranElizabethAssociate ProfessorBCHM A343B(765) 496-3889 
RNA helicases and<br />Post-transcriptional gene regulation
Tran labElizabeth TranElizabeth TranYesElizabeth Tran
 CurrentWeakeVikkiAssistant ProfessorBCHM 320(765)
Chromatin modifying complexes in<br />Drosophila development as a model<br />for neurodegenerative<br />disease and cancer
Weake labVikki WeakeVikki WeakeYesVikki Weake
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Karl G. BrandtKarl G. BrandtYesKarl G. Brandt
Mark HermodsonMark HermodsonYesMark Hermodson
Klaus HerrmannKlaus HerrmannYesKlaus Herrmann
Ki-Han KimKi-Han KimYesKi-Han Kim 
Gunter KohlhawGunter KohlhawYesGunter Kohlhaw
Victor RodwellVictor RodwellYesVictor Rodwell
Ronald SomervilleRonald SomervilleYesRonald Somerville
H. Lee WeithH. Lee WeithYesH. Lee Weith
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