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 Media Preparation Service


The Media prep services are for anyone in the Biochemistry department.  Even if you are not in the Biochemistry department, you may use the services.  Talk to me about the procedures for this.  TA's can also save some class prep time by bring their orders to me.

Services include liquid media, plates, slants, solutions and buffers, mixing and aliquoting antibiotics, pouring gels and just about anything else your lab needs done.  I can also set up a standing order for anything you know you will need on a regular basis also.

Some of you may be hesitant about using this FREE service.  I will try to put your mind at ease.  I previously worked in a microbiology lab and I am entirely familiar and comfortable with the use of sterile protocols.  I also have a UV hood to use for sterile work and have taken precautions to make sure my entire work area is free of mold to help prevent mold contamination.

I am located in room BCHM 35 or you can reach me by phone:  49-67861. You may also e-mail you orders to:

Ordering  Procedures

  • Orders should be in at least 2 working days prior to date needed.  Usually, if you have your order in before 11:30 AM, you can expect it to be ready by the next afternoon (Weekdays. I am not here on Saturday or Sunday).
  • All orders need to include the following information:  Lab name, name of person writing order, building and room#, phone#, e-mail address, date and date needed by, Name of media or solution or whatever it is you need, how much or how many and size, include the recipe if you have not already given it to me, also include any special instructions.  I have order forms available on my door or can be downloaded as a .pdf here .

You will need to furnish your own containers (plates, bottles, flasks, tubes, etc.) and your own chemicals.  I can keep your chemicals, labeled with your name, in my lab for convenience.