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Biochemistry Storeroom

Contact: Kay Wood (765) 494-1613

View the complete tabbed catalog below.

Use the PDF links below for a printer-friendly document of each category.

Items are listed alphabetically within each category.

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  • You will need to have Microsoft Word on your computer to use the online order request and Excel for the radioactive material form. Fill out the order request as you normally would. When you are finished save the document and send the file as an attachment to:
  • You may want to print a copy for you own record

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Enzymes are listed alphabetically by name
Cleaners, polish, spray disinfectant, sponges
Batteries, fuses, projector & UV lamps, outlet strips
Compressed air & nitrogen, regulator adapters
Glassware & Plastics Bags, beakers, bottles, connectors, cylinders, dishes, PVC film, filters, flasks, funnels, canning jars, pipets, glass rods, glass stoppers, pipette tips, tubes, glass tubing, tubing (latex, rubber, tygon, vacuum), vials,glass wool
Hardware & Plumbing Aspirators, water filters, o-rings, duct tape, copper wire, steel wool
Medical & Hospital Cotton tipped applicators, bandages, blades, cheesecloth, cotton, film, safety glasses, gloves, surgical masks, needles & syringes, antibacterial soap, tape, tubing (dialysis, polyethylene), underpads
Misc. Lab Supplies Aprons, stirring bars, brushes, pipet bulbs, clamps, parafilm, flints, aluminum foil, gloves, lubricants, lighters, matches, matting, pump oil, paper (absorbent, filter, chromatography, lens, pH, weighing), pipetman replacement parts,rubber policemen, key rings, spatulas, stoppers, tape, thermometers, toothpicks, wire
Office Supplies Rubber bands, binders, index cards, clips, diskettes, transparencies, folders, glue, indexes, ink, pens, pencils, paper, sheet protectors, ribbons, tape, twine
Pharmacy Supplies Ampicillin, aspirin, heparin
New Items New Items in the store