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 Christie Eissler (2008-2009 Senator)


My inspiration to serve as the Department of Biochemistry Senator came in my first year while doing my rotation through Dr. Sandra Rossie’s lab. While rotating in her lab, I was fortunate to have many conversations with at the time the current senator Hemalatha Jayachandran and current president (and a former senator) Anindya Chatterjee about life at Purdue as a graduate student and their experiences with PGSG.

Throughout my years in the academic world I have always believed that it is important to not only focus on your classes and research, but also to take every opportunity to build your professional network. As a senator, I did just that. During my time in the senate I met and interacted with graduate students from many different areas of study. I worked with these graduate students to not only enrich the lives of the graduate student body here at Purdue, but I also gained a better understanding and appreciation for all that our university has to offer. Who knows, perhaps the connections I made through PGSG will lead to a great collaboration in the future.

As a senator, I served as an executive officer on the committee for the Graduate Student Job Fair. Through my work on this committee I was able to expand my professional network beyond the university and into industry. More importantly, I was also able to work with Purdue’s faculty, graduate students and staff to make the event a success.

Perhaps the biggest reward that came from my time as a senator was the impact that my services made on the lives of every graduate student. The senate acts on behalf of every graduate student here at Purdue to ensure that our graduate students are provided with the necessary reagents for success and happiness. If you have ever wanted to gain a finer understanding of how a university works, I recommend attending a senate meeting. The senate is filled with people who not only listen to what graduate students want changed or improved on campus, but more importantly, it is filled with people who know how to get things done.