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Weed Science Graduate Program


Weed Science Program

In our Weed Science graduate program, students carry out basic and applied research on weed biology/ecology and weed management.  Our faculty provides hands-on training and mentorship as students investigate current problems in weed science.  Possible reserach areas include:
  • Weed Ecology
  • Herbicide Mode of Action
  • Herbicide Resistance
  • Physiological and Molecular Biology
  • Biological Control
  • Efficacy of Herbicides and Mixtures
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Specialized Application Technology
  • Weed Management Systems
  • Invasive Weed Ecology and Control

 In addition to these research areas, our students work in:

  • Agronomic crops, horticultural crops, forests and right of ways, and physiological and molecular biology