Important Collections in the Arthur Fungari​um

Sir Joseph Banks

Sir Joseph Banks, as painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1773.

The oldest specimen at Purdue was collected in 1769 in Tierra Del Fuego at the southern tip of South America. It was collected by the Englishman Sir Joseph Banks and Dr. Daniel Carl Solander during the first great voyage of Captain James Cook's ship "The Endeavour". Among the 125 specimens collected at Tierra Del Fuego was one of Berberis ilicifolia (see below). ​After specimen exchanges brought it from the Bristh Museum to the U. S. National Museum 200 years later in 1970, was identified as being infected with a rust, ​Puccinia meyeri-alberti. The rusted leaf was retained as a separate specimen and is now housed at Purdue, see bottom of page.

Puccinia meyeri-alberti
The Arthur Fungarium's oldest specimen. Puccinia meyeri-alberti. Collected By Sir Jospeh Banks and Dr. Daniel Solander in 1769, during Captain Cook's first great voyage of the Endeavour, insert shows a close up of the specimen.