Purdue Herbaria

The Arthur Fungarium and the Kriebel Herbarium are located in the Lilly Hall of Life Sciences at Purdue University (Room G-447). The Arthur Fungarium (PUR) specializes in collections of the Pucciniales, or rust fungi (formerly the Uredinales), while the Kriebel Herbarium (PUL) contains non-rust fungi, vascular plants, lichens, algae and bryophytes. We have over 200,000 specimens across both collections dating as far back as 1769​.

For more information on each collection, including holdings, history and current projects click on a collection logo below.

Joseph C. Arthur Fungarium
The Joseph C. Arthur Fungarium (PUR)​​​​​
Specializing in Pucciniales
(formerly Uredinales - the rust fungi)
Ralph M. Kriebel Herbarium
The Ralph M. Kriebel Herbarium (PUL)
Covering the vascular plants, algae,
bryophytes and other fungi

Loan Inquiries & Visitor Information

We are working on making our collection information available online, in the mean tim​e please contact us​ for questions or loans inquiries or refer to our Loan Policy: PURDUE Herbaria Loan Policy.pdf

The Purdue University Herbaria are open to the visitors Monday to Friday, except public holidays, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., twelve months a year. All visitors are requested to make arrangements at least two weeks prior to their visit (contact us)​. Please refer to our Vistor Policy​ for more details. 


Aime Lab

Dr. M. Catherine Aime is the Director of the Purdue University Herbaria. For more information about our research visit our Aime Lab page​.




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