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AkersPlant BiologyBS2009
UndergraduateYesUniversity of Georgia

"I transferred into the Botany Department as a sophomore and found the professors, staff, and students extremely welcoming and helpful.  I graduated with my B.S. in Plant Biology in 2009, but I look back fondly on the three years I spent in the program and the opportunities it gave me.
The other botany undergraduates and I quickly became good friends and participated in several activities through the Botany Club.  Several of the classes I took helped greatly in securing an internship with the National Park Service for a summer, and I was given the chance to work in a lab and aid in real research projects.

Currently I am pursuing an M.S. degree in Geography at the University of Georgia.  My thesis explores the relationship between past climate changes and cultural development and decline of the Maya in Belize.  Through field work in Belize, I collected stalagmites from caves that preserve climate records over thousands of years and will analyze them to create a climate history.  While my focus has shifted since my undergrad career, the academic mindset and culture of the Botany department well-prepared me for my graduate studies."

Graduate Student
Almeida PerezPlant BiologyPhD2004
GraduateYesINIA-CENIAP, Venezuela
Dr. Iris Almeida PerezResearcherNick Carpita
AndersonEnvironmental Plant StudiesBS2010
ArmstrongWeed ScienceMS2006
joe.armstrong@okstate.eduGraduateYesOklahoma State University
Assistant ProfessorKevin Gibson
weedctrl@surfsouth.comGraduateNoWeed Control Unlimited, Inc.
gbai@ksu.eduGraduateNoUSDA-Kansas State University
Adjunct Professor
BalasubramaniamPlant PathologyPhD2006
GraduateYesNational Institute of Health
Muthukumar BalasubramaniamFellowSue Loesch-Fries
Senior Research Scientist
BaughmanEnvironmental Plant StudiesBS2010
UndergraduateYesChicago Botanical Gardens
"I am truly grateful for the education that I received as an undergraduate at Purdue University. The experiences that I had at Purdue are allowing me to explore different job opportunities while also gaining great career and life skills.
I graduated in May 2010 and that summer/fall I participated in the Conservation and Land Management, CLM internship through the Chicago Botanic Gardens. I worked out of the Bureau of Land Management office in Lakeview, Oregon. For part of the internship I worked with a fire ecologist monitoring the fire effects on vegetation for prescribed burn projects. In addition, I collected seeds for the Seeds of Success program.
In January 2011 I will be starting an internship with the Student Conservation Association, SCA. In the winter, I will be teaching environmental education to 3rd through 8th graders around Allenstown, NH. And in the summer I will be working on a conservation trail team, building and maintaining trails around New Hampshire. After this SCA internship I hope to attend graduate school."
tbauman@purdue.eduGraduateNoPurdue University
Professor in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
BeckmanPlant BiologyBS2008
fbeckman@ufl.eduUndergraduateYesUniversity of Florida
"I am working toward my MS of Forest Pathology in the School of Forest Resources and Conservation (SFRC) which is in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). I am working with Dr. Jason Smith on a USDA funded grant focusing on the  pathogen known as Laurel wilt, specifically the pathogen and one of its hosts the Avocado tree. I trust all is well back in the land of normal school colors….BOILER Black and Gold…..I personally cannot get over this gator royal blue and orange, oh well."
Fred Beckman working as an intern at Walt Disney's Epcot CenterGraduate Student
bbluhm@uark.eduGraduateNoUniversity of Arkansas
Assistant Professor
BluhmPlant PathologyPhD2006
bbluhm@uark.eduGraduateYesUniversity of Arkansas
Assistant ProfessorCharles Woloshuk
GraduateNoUniversity of Greifswald, Germany
Research Assistant
GraduateNoBayer Crop Science
BrittonWeed EcologyPhD2009
clbritton@methodist.eduGraduateYesMethodist University
"Purdue University and the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology provided me: the opportunity to experience a broad range of learning activities, the facilities to conduct field- and lab-based research, and a group of faculty and staff that are supportive of their students. The Botany and Plant Pathology program aided me in completing my goal of becoming a professor at a liberal arts university by providing a holistic, graduate education that makes me a competitive candidate for my future career choices. If I had to make the decision again to join the department, I certainly would. I am proud to say I am a Purdue Alum, Boiler Up!"
Assistant Professor of BiologyCarole Lembi
BroadstonePlant BiologyBS2010
UndergraduateYesUniversity of Puerto Rico
" I loved my 4 years at Purdue! The Botany Department has the exclusive advantage of being small and intimate with the benefits of a "small school" community, while still enjoying all the perks that only a large university can offer. For example, I knew all of my professors personally, and had a good relationship with my other colleagues in the department. I was not just a number in the system with an out-of-touch adviser. Instead I was able to get individual attention and assistance with any problem I faced during my time at Purdue, and I had no trouble getting letters of recommendation when the time came. Because of all this I was able to be a Purdue University Cheerleader, participate in several clubs on campus, maintain a high GPA, and still have a life outside of school.
I finished my studies at Purdue in May 2010, and in June I moved Nevada for a 6 month Conservation and Land Management internship with the Chicago Botanic Garden. There, I had the opportunity to work as a botanist at the Bureau of Land Management in Carson City. Most of my time was spent canvassing the Great Basin and Sierra regions in Northwestern Nevada with the Seeds of Success Program. The aim of the program is to collect, conserve, and develop native plant materials for the stabilization, rehabilitation and restoration of lands in the United States. I was also able to contribute to the ecological management decisions of the BLM by monitoring the plant life in research plots and in threatened aquatic areas, as well as attending several National Environmental Protection Agency meetings.
Currently, I am living in Puerto Rico and contributing to the Long Term Ecological Research project at the Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot.  I am helping to complete an annual Seedling Census that will enable further understanding of the factors that determine the structure and associated diversity of tropical forests. If the research is properly applied, it could guide management decisions and conservation practices to mitigate the effects of increasing rates of natural and human disturbance and climate change on the dynamics of forest communities.
I am really enjoying being able to travel around the country, learning through experience about different ecosystems and unique habitats. Next year I hope to apply this knowledge through graduate school research."
CaldwellPlant BiologyBS2008
mtcaldwe@purdue.eduUndergraduateNoPurdue University
Lab Technician in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
CavalettoPlant ScienceBS1994
cavalett@purdue.eduUndergraduateNoPurdue University
Teaching Coordinator in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
cavalett@purdue.eduGraduateNoPurdue University
Teaching Coordinator in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Cavaletto-GarnerPlant ScienceBS1996
Lab Technician at Purdue University
GraduateNoPurdue University
Graduate Student
GraduateNoSyngenta Corp
GraduateNoSyngenta Corp
GraduateNoSyngenta Crop Protection
Colvin-San MiguelMS2003
GraduateNoAudrey Edelman and Associates
GraduateNoMemphis Academy of Science and Engineering
GraduateNoUniversity of Nevada
State Weed Specialist
GraduateNoRosen's, Inc.
Certified Crop Advisor

davisv.illinois@gmail.comGraduateNoUniversity of Illinois
Assistant Professor
DavisWeed SciencePhD2009
davisv.illinois@gmail.comGraduateYesUniversity of Illinois
Vince Davis at August 2009 GraduationAssistant ProfessorWilliam Johnson
dmd76@pss.msstate.eduGraduateNoMississippi State University
Assistant Professor
DollPlant ScienceBS2004
dadoll@ucdavis.eduUndergraduateYesUniversity of California Cooperative Extension, Merced County, California
"I finished my M.S. in Plant Pathology in December, 2007, and started the job for the UC cooperative extension in mid-March. The position keeps me quite busy, but I find time to relax. I currently hike, rock climb, fish, and mountaineer within the Sierra Nevada Mountains --Yosemite National Park is 70 miles away. I also ride my bike during the week with a cycling club in Merced.
The department was a great benefit to my undergraduate education. It was large enough to open my eyes to the developing world of science, but small enough to provide opportunities that would not be available in larger departments. I enjoyed my experience there, and look forward to my next visit to Purdue so I can check in on some old friends."
David Doll in lab settingAssistant Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor
DonahuePlant BiologyBS2007
UndergraduateNoUniversity of Missouri
Graduate Student
EckerlePlant ScienceBS2003
"At PlantSense we make sensing devices that help consumers make their plants thrive. I have been working with them since the 'very' early stages of the first product. It's always an exciting job. 
The department was with me every step of the way while I was at Purdue. The constant attention and encouragement I received from Botany and Plant Pathology as an undergrad had a profound effect on what I was able to accomplish at Purdue and afterwards. Thank you."
Senior Agricultural Engineer
everman@msu.eduGraduateNoMichigan State University
Assistant Professor
GraduateNoSouthern Illinois University
Assistant Professor
GraduateNoUniversity of California-Davis
Associate Specialist
FlahertyPlant PathologyPhD2003
GraduateYesCoker College
Dr. Joe FlahertyAssistant Professor of BiologyCharles Woloshuk
Lab Technician at Purdue University
GraduateNoR & D Systems, Inc.
GevensMS2001 GraduateNoUniversity of Wisconsin
Assistant Professor
GraduateNoU.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Research Scientist
GraduateNoCSX Transportation
Field Investigations Manager
GreigEnvironmental Plant StudiesBS2006
greig83@yahoo.comUndergraduateNoPeace Corps
Volunteer in Phillipines
HarmonPlant ScienceBS1999
pfharmon@ufl.eduUndergraduateNoUniversity of Florida
Assistant Professor
HarperPlant Biology and Plant Genetics and BreedingBS2010
UndergraduateYesUniversity of Kansas
"I graduated from Purdue in May 2010 with a BS in Plant Biology and a BS in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics. Currently I am a Master’s student in Paleobotany with Dr. Thomas Taylor at the University of Kansas, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. My research focus is fungal development in the Triassic and Permian of Antarctica.
One of the most beneficial and valuable decisions of my undergraduate career was double majoring in Plant Biology in the Purdue Botany and Plant  Pathology Department. As a student in the department you are given all the opportunities you need to excel both as an undergraduate and in your future career. During my time at Purdue, I was able to take a wide variety of plant-focused courses, conduct undergraduate research, take advantage of the study abroad programs, engage with other students in the Botany Club, and be an undergraduate TA for general botany courses. All of these experiences and more have helped me develop my professional skills that I use daily as a graduate student. 
Although my primary focus is paleomycology, a strong background and understanding of plant biology is essential to interpret the intricate relationships of plant-fungal interactions in paleoecosystems.  I am forever indebted and thankful to the Botany Department for providing that firm foundation and background in plant biology that I will use throughout my professional career."
Graduate Student
HartzlerPlant ScienceBS1978
hartzler@iastate.eduUndergraduateNoIowa State University
Professor in the Department of Agronomy
HelliwellMS2007 GraduateNoPenn State University
Graduate Student
HenryPlant BiologyBS2009
rshenry@purdue.eduUndergraduateYesPurdue University
"An amazing aspect of the Botany and Plant Pathology program is the freedom of choice you have in choosing classes. I have taken classes from many College of Agriculture departments and from departments in other colleges. I have taken classes in agronomy, horticulture, entomology, science, foreign languages, and philosophy. So, while the concentration is plant biology, botany students will not be stuck in such classes every semester of every year. This freedom allows you to expand your knowledge base and become a much more complete student and person."
Ryan HenryGraduate Student
GraduateNoDow AgroSciences
Field Scientist
GraduateNoDow AgroSciences
Field Scientist
GraduateNoMetabolite Profiling Facility, Purdue University
Research Technician
GraduateNoUniversity of Texas at Austin
Assistant Professor
GraduateYesDepartment of Cell and System Biology, University of Toronto
"I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Professor Daphne Goring in the Department of Cell and Systems Biology at the University of Toronto.  My PhD research in Botany and Plant Pathology focused on arsenic tolerance and hyperaccumulation in the unique fern genera Pteris with a focus on Pteris vittata in the laboratory of Professor Jody Banks.  During my graduate studies I expanded both my skill set at a plant molecular biologist as well as my abilities to be a critical and thoughtful scientist.  I found that the facilities in the department were good with greenhouse and growth chamber space as well as support staff.   I most definitely benefited from our seminar series as well as the interdepartmental Plant Biology Lecture Series.  I did not realize it at the time, but I appreciate that the Botany Graduate Student Organization (GSO) ran a fundraiser that helped contribute to graduate student travel grants to conferences in addition to funding from the department.   As a teaching assistant in the department I was able to get valuable teaching experience as a graduate student.
I have found that what has been the most important aspect of my time at Purdue was that I was properly prepared for the next stage of my career.  My PhD studies gave me a strong foundation in the fundamentals of plant molecular biology and the flexibility to pursue a new field of research as a postdoc changing from arsenic tolerance in ferns to cell signaling in pollen-pistil interactions in the Brassicaceae.  The teaching experience as a graduate student also helped prepare me for giving lectures to undergraduates here at U of T in the 400 level plant molecular biology class.   Lastly, the most important thing that I feel that I have brought from my PhD is the ability to keep learning and expanding my skill set: in the laboratory, in the classroom and now in the office with grant writing and student mentoring."
Post-Doctoral FellowDr. Jody Banks
GraduateNoLarsen Coop
JordanPlant ScienceBS2000
sjordan3@wisc.eduUndergraduateNoUniversity of Wisconsin
Post-Doc in the Department of Plant Pathology
GraduateNoUniversity of Wisconsin
Post Doc in the Department of Plant Pathology
GraduateNoCapitol One Auto Finance
Business Intelligence Architect
KnapkePlant ScienceBS2004
Marker Director
Marker Director
KnapkePlant BiologyBS2010
UndergraduateNoUniversity of Texas
Graduate Student
KnapkePlant biologyBS2010
UndergraduateYesUniversity of Texas, Austin Marine Science Institute
"I had a wonderful time in my four years studying Botany at Purdue University. I was able to have rewarding relationships with the faculty, staff and students in the department while learning a tremendous amount of information. Through the department, I was able to get a position doing lab work and undergraduate research and experienced a lot of the techniques that are used in real-world job applications – which REALLY helped when going through classes, applying for internships, jobs, and graduate schools. 

I graduated with a B.S. from the Botany Department in 2010 and am now working on a M.S. in Marine Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute. My focus is on the phytoplankton distribution in the Gulf of Mexico in relation to currents and the BP oil spill.

Even though my main focus has changed, the background I have in Plant Biology is extremely relevant in my studies now. Plants are the basis of almost every food web, and the study of plant biology has huge applications to every other field. I believe the faculty and curriculum in the department gave me a great base of knowledge to draw from and to expand on in my future studies."
Graduate Student
KrakerEnvironmental Plant StudiesBS2010
gkruger@purdue.eduGraduateNoPurdue University
Graduate Student
GraduateYesUniversity of Nebraska, Lincoln
"My education and experience in the Botany and Plant Pathology Department at Purdue University prepared me both academically and professionally for a professional position upon graduation. It gave me the life-long friendships which are invaluable. The faculty and staff in the department bring together a culmination of experience and knowledge that is unique from any other department in the country. The reputation of the department, faculty and staff, and the university has opened doors that I would have never known about otherwise. Unlike some academic institutions, the Botany and Plant Pathology Department at Purdue strives for a collegial environment in which students have the opportunity to learn from faculty and other students in a wide array of disciplines. My experience at Purdue was truly a “Once in a Life-Time Opportunity” and I am a proud graduate of Boiler U."
Assistant Professor of Cropping Systems at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: West Central Research and Extension CenterBill Johnson
Lapaire-HarmonMS2002 GraduateNoUniversity of Florida
Interim Director of the UF Plant Disease Clinic
LaRivaEnvironmental Plant StudiesBS2007
dlariva@purdue.eduUndergraduateNoPurdue University
Graduate Student
LeePlant ScienceBS2000
leerc@iupui.comUndergraduateNoIndiana University
GraduateNoOtterbein College
Associate Professor
LeonbergerPlant BiologyBS2008
aleonber@purdue.eduUndergraduateNoPurdue University
Graduate Student
GraduateNoHaskell Laboratory for Health and Enviromental Studies
Senior Ecotoxicologist
GraduateNoTexas A & M University
Assistant Research Scientist
GraduateNoUniversity of Hong Kong
Assistant Professor
GraduateNoIllinois EPA
McCarthyPlant Biology and Biology (double major)BS2009
McDowellPlant ScienceBS1998
wmcdowe@hawaii.eduUndergraduateNoUniversity of Hawaii
Graduate Student
Seed Treatment Specialist
McMillanCrop ProtectionBS2007
jmcmilla@purdue.eduUndergraduateNoPurdue University
Graduate Student
MeadePlant BiologyBS2006
kameade@iastate.eduUndergraduateNoIowa State University
Graduate Student
GraduateNoParamount Farming Company
Propagation Lab Manager
MertzPlant BiologyBS2008
UndergraduateNoCornell University
Graduate Student
MockWeed ScienceMS2009
GraduateYesUniversity of Illinois
Valerie Mock Clingerman at August 2009 GraduationResearch TechnicianWilliam Johnson
GraduateNoPurdue University
Extension Educator
GraduateNoHelena Chemical Company
Key Account Manager
GraduateNoUS Army Corp of Engineers
Plant Physiologist
GraduateNoUniversity of Florida
GraduateNoUniversity of California-Riverside
Assistant Professor
GraduateNoValent USA
GraduateNoWest Virginia University
Professor of Mycology
GraduateNoUnited Arab Emirates University
Faculty Member
QuackenbushEnvironmental Plant StudiesBS2008
quack@purdue.eduUndergraduateNoPurdue University
Graduate Student
QuelloPlant PathologyMS2009
"What makes the Botany and Plant Pathology Department at Purdue University great, are the professionals in the department. The office staff are caring, resourceful, and helpful individuals with a seamlessly endless amount of vitality and patience. The professors in the department take an interest in their students and most will make the time to sit down and talk with their students. The combination of course and lab work at Purdue is what prepared me for my job at Monsanto as a Research Associate in plant pathology. My primary focus at work is screening and looking for disease on lettuce and broccoli. Thanks to my fungal biology and pathology courses, I am easily able to identify common pathogens that infect these two crops. I’ve used skills I obtained in the required diagnostics course to identify downy mildew, botrytis, and sclerotinia on broccoli and lettuce. The disease triangle pushes to the front of my mind when determining the ideal conditions for infection on these crops. The research I completed in Dr. Beckerman’s laboratory gave me the hands on experience of working in a lab, coordinating with my peers, writing scientific literature, and independent problem solving.  I use the skills I learned in the lab as much—if not more than the knowledge I gained by taking courses at Purdue. With the help of Purdue, the botany and pathology department, and my major professor, I have a job I excel at and enjoy. "
Research AssociateJanna Beckerman
Research Manager
GraduateNoFarm Credit Services of Mid-America
Financial Services Officer
GraduateNoUniversit of Florida
Associate Professor
GraduateNoTrigen Seed LLC
GraduateNoTrigen Seed LLC
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