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Job Listings: Academic Advisor/Graduate Services Specialist


Academic Advisor/Graduate Services Specialist

Position Description

Manage the academic advising and administrative services for the both the undergraduate and graduate programs.  Serve as an academic advisor to undergraduate students.
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Serve as the first contact for all undergraduates and their parents.  Answer inquires of prospective students on admission requirements, areas of study, and types of financial aid available. Work with current and prospective students in assessing their interests and meeting their academic objectives.  Monitor and advise all undergraduate students' academic progress for retention and graduation.  Provide opportunities for students to discuss their interests, abilities, and goals.  Work with students to advise and develop a plan of study, course selection, class scheduling, choice of major, and related advising duties. Oversee three faculty academic advisor's on day-to-day advising of undergraduate students concerning degree requirements, academic achievement, University policy and departmental policy.  Communicate with students having academic difficulty.  Audit candidates for graduation. Manage undergraduate events related including Day on Campus, Family Day, Honor's seminars, scholarship dinners, and other award receptions for undergraduate students.  Academic liaison to various University departments (COA, Office of Academic Programs, Bursar, and Registrar).
Graduate Services Specialist
Administrative liaison to the Graduate School.  Responsible for the graduate affairs of new and current students. Supervise graduate recruiting processes.  Monitor, initiate reminders and track preliminary exams, annual committee meetings, plans of study, grades, final exams, candidacy.  Annually update Botany and Plant Pathology Graduate Procedures Manual.  Audit candidates for graduation.  Attend monthly PU Graduate Advisory Council (PUGSAC) meetings.   Administrative member of the Graduate Committee.  Call and convenes bi-weekly graduate committee meetings.  Participate in discussions and make recommendations on academic policies and procedures and graduate student acceptance.


  • Bachelor's degree in the Life Sciences or Agriculture.
  • Two years of academic counseling experience.
  • Knowledge of FERPA rules/regulations. 
  • Knowledge of University procedures, rules & regulations, especially those pertaining to students, course requirements and course enrollments. 
  • Training in the use of Apply Yourself, Connect, Banner and Cognos systems in order to be familiar with complex bureaucracy relating to admissions, registrations, progress toward degree, and graduations requirements. 
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills. 
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality as well as self-direct and anticipate the advising and registration needs of students. 
  • Ability to work in a team environment with attention to detail.

Additional Information:

  • FLSA: Exempt (Not Eligible For Overtime)
  • Retirement Eligibility: Fidelity Contribution Waiting Period.
  • Purdue University is an equal opportunity/equal access/affirmative action employer.






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