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1/11/2017Dr. Kerik CoxPlant Pathology and plant-Microbe Biology SectionCornell UniversityDetecting, Tracking, and Manageing Streptomycin Resistant Erwinia Amylovora in NY
1/18/2017Mr. Taylor CampbellBotany and Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityTBA
1/25/2017Dr. Eric LambAgriculture and BioresourcesUniversity of SaskatchewanThe root of the matter: invasive forage grasses, soil microbial communities, and ecosystem services
2/1/2017Dr. Andrew BentDepartment of Plant PathologyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonTBA
2/8/2017Dr. Gloria MudayDepartment of BiologyWake Forest UniversityTBA
2/15/2017Dr. Angela RecordsU.S. Agency for International DevelopmentTBA
2/22/2017Dr. David MarksPlant and Microbial BiologyUniversity of MinnesotaAdvancing field pennycress as a new oilseed biofuels feedstock that does not require new land commitments
3/1/2017Dr. David BraunInterdisciplinary Plant GroupUniversity of MissouriSugar Transporters Controlling Sucrose Accumulation in Bioenergy Grasses
3/8/2017Ms. Yi-Chun ChenBotany and Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityTBA
3/22/2017Ms. Dillon HusbandsBotany and Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityTBA
3/29/2017Mr. Travis LegleiterBotany and Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityStewardship of growth regulator resistant soybean systems and its influence on herbicide resistant weeds
4/5/2017Mr. Marcello ZimmerBotany and Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityTBA
4/12/2017Ms. Nicolette AlbrightBotany and Plant PathologyPurdue University TBA
4/19/2017Ms. YooJung HeoBotany and Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityTBA
4/26/2017Mr. Nick HarreBotany and Plant PathologyPurdue UniversityTBA