Kiersten Wise

Dr. Kiersten Wise

Adjunct Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology
Purdue University

Associate Professor of Plant Pathology

University of Kentucky


1205 Hopkinsville Street


Princeton, KY 42445


Tel: 270-365-7541 ext. 203


Fax: 270-365-2667



Purdue Extension Information:

Dr. Wise provides research-based information through Extension programming including workshops, field days, and presentations. Programs are tailored to the audience, and may discuss current disease issues, disease identification and management tactics, fungicide modes of action, fungicide application and efficacy, and fungicide resistance. These programs typically target programs for county Extension staff, crop​ advisors, industry personnel, farmers, and others.


Extension outputs:

Dr. Wise has edited and co-edited three popular books aimed at increasing the knowledge of corn and soybean diseases and fungicide use in field crops. These books target the agribusiness industry, including farmers. 



   Fungicides for Field Crops                    Farmer’s Guide to Corn Diseases             A Farmer’s Guide to Soybean Diseases


This website provides current information on the identification and management of corn ear rots and mycotoxins and is supported by the USDA-NIFA program. Additional print resources on corn ear rots and mycotoxins are available (see Diseases of Corn publication series)


Dr. Wise is part of a multi-state effort to improve resources available for field crop management. This effort, supported by the North Central Soybean Research Program and the United Soybean Board, houses the Soybean Disease Management publication series.



The Purdue field crop pathology YouTube channel​ hosts videos that communicate relevant information about current field crop disease issues and demonstrate some of the techniques used in Dr. Wise’s research program


Fungicide efficacy tables are available as part of a national effort of plant pathologists to rank currently available products for corn, soybean, and wheat diseases. These tables are compiled annually and based on fungicide efficacy in replicated University research trials.

Diseases of Corn series: This Extension publication series provides comprehensive information on corn foliar diseases, ear rots, and stalk rot.

Diseases of Wheat series: This Extension publication series provides comprehensive information on wheat foliar and head diseases.

Soybean Disease Management series​: This Extension publication series provides comprehensive information on soybean diseases