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Garth W Duncan

Botany and Plant Pathology 

  • Graduate Research Assistant
LILY Room 1364/1370

Garth Duncan is a Master’s student with Dr. Young investigating the effectiveness of paraquat in burndown applications influenced by problematic weed species response and application factors. The overall objectives of Garth’s research are to: determine the relative efficacy of paraquat on select problematic weed species in row crop production, discern the relationship between final efficacy with the speed of initial paraquat symptomology, determine how application factors such as time of day and tank-mix components influence the efficacy of paraquat in problematic weed species, and to characterize the interaction between paraquat and metribuzin. The ultimate goal of this research will promote use patterns in commercial applications that encourage optimal herbicide activity and stewardship for successful weed management. Expected graduation: December 2015