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 Raphides,ZamiLf.jpg3/26/2015 2:19 PMMary Alice WebbRaphides,ZamiLfNewRaphides from Zamioculcas Leaf269No11322 KB 6225 x 7200
 Moss_Lichen.JPG3/26/2015 1:59 PMJordan BaileyMoss_LichenNewClose neighbours268No8853 KB 3456 x 4608
 IMG_2164.jpg3/26/2015 1:46 PMJanna BeckermanIMG_2164NewOf flowers and phytoplasmas267No1538 KB 2448 x 3264
 IMG_2194.JPG3/26/2015 1:42 PMJanna BeckermanIMG_2194NewMmm-aster--ful266No3334 KB 3264 x 2448
 IMG_1787.jpg3/26/2015 1:38 PMJanna BeckermanIMG_1787NewTag-Team Gasteromycetes265No2863 KB 2448 x 3264
 Leaf Epidermis, Swedish Ivy.jpg3/26/2015 2:22 PMMary Alice WebbLeaf Epidermis, Swedish IvyNew264No2970 KB 4200 x 3598
Leaf Epidermis, Swedish IvyNew
 CactusFlowerBud.jpg3/26/2015 11:30 AMMary Alice WebbCactusFlowerBudNewCactus Flower Bud261No6081 KB 4500 x 2894
 hummingbird moth.jpg3/25/2015 3:47 PMAnna Andersonhummingbird mothHummingbird moth260No768 KB 1401 x 1825
hummingbird moth
 busy bees.jpg3/25/2015 3:45 PMAnna Andersonbusy beesBusy Bees259No1244 KB 1457 x 2093
busy bees
 IMG_0661.jpg3/25/2015 8:38 AMDaniel EgelIMG_0661Flower with a view.257No339 KB 1600 x 1200
 Reaching for the Skies.jpg3/25/2015 7:49 AMJamie LongReaching for the SkiesReaching for the Skies255No615 KB 2055 x 1934
Reaching for the Skies
 orange flowers.jpg3/24/2015 3:07 PMCindy Myersorange flowersPretty flowers254No1782 KB 1650 x 1130
orange flowers
 Surprise Lilies.jpg3/24/2015 3:09 PMCindy MyersSurprise LiliesSurprise Lilies253No2087 KB 2576 x 1852
Surprise Lilies
 garden pretties.jpg3/24/2015 3:09 PMCindy Myersgarden prettiesGarden Pretties252No1435 KB 2386 x 1748
garden pretties
 019-DSCN3800.JPG3/19/2015 6:13 PMCathie Aime019-DSCN3800University of Guyana campus251No10142 KB 4000 x 3000
 Crepidotus-Belize.JPG3/19/2015 6:09 PMCathie AimeCrepidotus-BelizeCrepidotus249No389 KB 1600 x 962
 Aerial Bulblets.jpg3/9/2015 8:00 AMTravis LegleiterAerial BulbletsAerial Bulblets248No10532 KB 7200 x 4800
Aerial Bulblets
 Carotenoid Inhibited Morningglory.jpg3/9/2015 7:58 AMTravis LegleiterCarotenoid Inhibited MorninggloryCarotenoid Inhibited Morningglory247No10599 KB 7200 x 4800
Carotenoid Inhibited Morningglory
 BURdened cotyledons.jpg3/9/2015 7:55 AMTravis LegleiterBURdened cotyledonsBURdened cocklebur cotyledons246No10984 KB 7200 x 4800
BURdened cotyledons
 Puffball remnants.jpg3/4/2015 12:16 AMTeeratas KijpornyongpanPuffball remnantsPuffball remnants244No10947 KB 4800 x 3600
Puffball remnants
 Fungal annual ring.jpg3/4/2015 12:13 AMTeeratas KijpornyongpanFungal annual ringFungal annual ring243No13131 KB 3600 x 4800
Fungal annual ring
 Lithophytes aside a lake.jpg3/4/2015 12:14 AMTeeratas KijpornyongpanLithophytes aside a lakeA lithophyte aside a lake242No5859 KB 4800 x 3600
Lithophytes aside a lake
 Restrepia purpurea.JPG3/3/2015 5:18 PMTyler JonesRestrepia purpureaDime Size Orchid241No11719 KB 9024 x 6768
Restrepia purpurea
 Origanum vulgare - Greek Oregano.jpg3/3/2015 5:09 PMTyler JonesOriganum vulgare - Greek OreganoGlandular Trichome of Origanum vulgare240No24037 KB 9000 x 9000
Origanum vulgare - Greek Oregano
 Cirr. Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry'.JPG3/3/2015 5:01 PMTyler JonesCirr. Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry'A Beautiful Bulbophyllum239No12764 KB 6768 x 9024
Cirr. Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry'
 The Flower and the Bug (Camera-Samsung Galaxy III).jpg3/1/2015 9:19 PMFrank SuarezThe Flower and the Bug (Camera-Samsung Galaxy III)The Crabapple Flower and the Spring Time Bug238No319 KB 2048 x 1443
The Flower and the Bug (Camera-Samsung Galaxy III)
 Palmer amaranth.jpg2/27/2015 3:41 PMNick HarrePalmer amaranthElegant Enemy237No674 KB 1500 x 1125
Palmer amaranth
 Goss's wilt lesion oozing bacteria.JPG2/27/2015 1:49 PMTaylor CampbellGoss's wilt lesion oozing bacteriaGoss's wilt lesion oozing bacteria235No274 KB 1152 x 1049
Goss's wilt lesion oozing bacteria
 Praying mantis.jpg2/24/2015 4:56 PMAnna AndersonPraying mantisPraying Mantis234No810 KB 1494 x 2656
Praying mantis
 Gymnosperm.jpg2/9/2015 2:22 PMDenise CaldwellGymnosperm233No22577 KB 5700 x 9600
 Hort Park.jpg2/4/2015 8:57 AMDenise CaldwellHort Park231Yes19672 KB 9600 x 5700
Hort Park