Comments from students

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned so much! I have already started to utilize information provided for my current research projects (particularly using SAS to calculate AUDPC, which I have been doing solely by hand) and will use more information provided in the future. Thanks so much!

~ Jada Powlen

I learned quite a few things from this class, being that it was the only other plant disease related class I have taken at Purdue besides BTNY301. In this class, I certainly learned more about how to have a hands-on framework for how to quantify disease spread in a research setting. It was beneficial for me to be in an environment with graduate students and being pushed to think beyond the material presented in lectures. I can't think of a way to improve this class in the future; I felt the in-person lectures and activites were very beneficial to my learning - and online learning was as ideal as it could have been given the circumstances. One of the classes I most enjoyed at Purdue.

~ Kathryn Ausema

I definitely learned a lot during this course. Disease-related research requires much more knowledge and concepts than only pure biological knowledge. This was very useful to me, as the courses in my major (Biology) only focus on the biological background of different pathogen types.

~ Timon Lemmen

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