Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for 

Commercial Growers 2016

Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers
The 2016 edition of the Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers is a collaboration of land-grant universities from seven states. It provides vegetable production information that is valid in the participating states for the current year. This includes fertility, variety, cultural, and pest management recommendations.
The participating states are:
  • Illinois — University of Illinois Extension publication C1373-16
  • Indiana — Purdue Extension publication ID-56
  • Iowa — Iowa State University Extension and Outreach publication FG 0600
  • Kansas — K-State Research and Extension publication MF3279
  • Minnesota — University of Minnesota Extension publication BU-07094-S
  • Missouri — University of Missouri Extension publication MX384
  • Ohio — Ohio State University Extension Bulletin 948

The print edition of this publication is available from the 
Purdue Extension Education StoreTo order by phone, call toll free (888) EXT-IN​FO.

The files on this site include updates that have occurred since the guide was published in December 2015. See the change history for these updates.

Download the complete 216-page PDF of the guide.

PDF files of individual sections appear below. 


Reference Information

Title​​​ PDF Pages
What's New in 2016?
State Extension Educators 4
Soils and Fertility 10
Soil Testing 10
Macronutrients or Primary Nutrients 11
Petiole Sap Testing 12
Fertilizer and the Environment 15
Fertilizer Application Methods 15
Liming and Soil pH 16
Chemigation Management 18
Organic Matter and Cover Crops 19
Transplants 22
Transplant Production 22
Transplant Containers 23
Seeding and Growing 23
Diseases 24
Seed Treatments 25
Irrigation, Mulches, Frost Controls 26
Using Plastic Mulch 26
Irrigation and Water Management 27
Frost Control 29
Pollination 29
Bees and Pollination 29
Time from Pollination to Market Maturity 32
Pesticide Information and Safety 32
Precautions with Pesticides 32
Handling Pesticides 33
Reduced-risk/Biopesticides 36
Pesticide Record-Keeping Form 37
Organic Vegetable Production 38
Production Tables 39
Yields of Vegetable Crops 39
Postharvest Handling and Storage Life 40
Conversions for Liquid Pesticides 40
Germination and Growing Guide 41
Pesticide Use in Greenhouses and High Tunnels 42
Using a Plant Diagnostic Lab 43
Farm Labor Law Information 45
On-farm Food Safety 46
Sanitizers Approved for Wash or Process Water 48
Insect Management 49
Insect Management Strategies 49
PHIs and REIs for Insecticides 52
Common Names of Registered Insecticides 53
Plant Parasitic Nematode Management Strategies 54
Weed Management 56
Weed Management Strategies 56
Herbicide Effectiveness 63
PHIs and REIs for Herbicides 64
Common Names of Registered Herbicides 66
Disease Management 69
Disease Management Strategies 69
PHIs and REIs for Fungicides 72
Common Names of Registered Fungicides 73
Fungicide Resistance Management 74
Disease Management with the MELCAST System 75
Slug and Snail Control 75
Common and Scientific Vegetable 76
Herbicides for Asparagus 82
Herbicides for Cole Crops 91
Product/Disease Ratings for All Cucurbits 115
Product/Disease Ratings for All Fruiting Vegetables 132
Herbicides for All Fruiting Vegetables 135
Herbicides for Leafy Vegetables 143
Herbicides for Legumes 157
Herbicides for All Garlic, Onions, and Leeks 171
Herbicides for Potatoes 178
Herbicides for Root Crops: Beet, Carrot, Horseradish, Radish, and Turnip 190
Herbicides for Sweet Corn 199
Photos of Pests and Problems 209

Crop Recomendations​​

Title​ PDF Pages
Asian Vegetables 84
Asparagus 79
Basil 140, 147
Beet 186
Broccoli 86
Brussels Sprouts 86
Cabbage 86
Cantaloupe 102
Carrot 186
Cauliflower 86
Collards 86
Cowpea 152
Cucumber 102
Dry Bean 151
Eggplant 120
Endive 140
Garlic 166
Herbs 140, 147
Kale  86
Leek 166
Lettuce (Head and Leaf) 140
Lima Bean 151
Mint (Peppermint and Spearmint) 161
Mustard  86
Okra 164
Onion (Bulb and Green) 166
Parsley 140
Pea 152
Pepper 123
Potato 173
Pumpkin 96
Radish 186
Rhubarb 184
Snap Bean 151
Spinach 140
Squash 96
Sweet Corn 193
Sweet Potato 203
Tomato 127
Turnip 186
Turnip Greens 86
Watermelon 102
Change History

Date ​Section(s)​ ​Change Description
All PDFs for 2016 edition posted
​3-3-16 ​Production tables
​Corrected greenhouse labeling for some products
​3-3-16 ​Cucurbits ​Added Orondis products and Vivando for powdery mildew, downy mildew, and Phytophthora root rot control control, including Orondis products and Vivando. Updated cucurbit product/disease ratings table.
​3-3-16 ​Fruiting Vegetables ​Added Orondis products for Phytophthora blight, buckeye rot, downy mildew, and late blight control. Updated fruiting vegetables product/disease ratings table.
​3-3-16 ​Potato ​Added Orondis products for late blight control