Crabapple Cultivars

Question: How many different flowering crabapple trees are there? Can I start a tree from one of the apples off the tree?

Answer: Many crabapple cultivars have been developed over the years, but many have fallen from favor due to a multitude of problems. The best crabapples are resistant to most insects and diseases and have attractive flowers, fruits and form. This rules out many cultivars. Currently, the International Ornamental Crabapple Society evaluates 67 crabs.

Most crabapples are grafted onto rootstocks of other crabapples so, unless you are interested in grafting, they cannot be reproduced from seed or simple cuttings. 

Different crabapples have varying hardiness tolerances. Some will be hardy in your area but others may not. Research this information before you add them to your landscape.

-Beverly Shaw, Advanced Master Gardener, Purdue University