Dividing Daylilies

Question: I have daylilies, and I have no idea how to divide them, although I've heard it's easy! Maybe some other people would benefit from this information, as well.

Answer: Division is an easy way to inexpensively fill your garden with new plants. Early spring is the best time of year, but daylilies are incredibly tough and will survive division in the summer, if you keep them watered until they are established.

Dig the plants, preferably with a spading fork, and lift as much of the roots as possible. Use a large, sharp knife to cut the larger roots into smaller pieces. Each new piece should have roots and shoots. Daylilies are usually divided into single fans or clumps.

Replant the new pieces in the desired location, and be sure to space them with the mature size in mind. If you have no room for them in your garden, friends and neighbors will probably welcome them!

-Beverly Shaw, Purdue Advanced Master Gardener