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August 22, 2016​

Floppy Sedum Got you Down?

Rosie Lerner, Consumer Horticulture Extension Specialist,Purdue University

Sedum (a.k.a. stonecrop) is a popular perennial ornamental that blooms in late summer and fall.  Sedum foliage is a bit succulent and tolerates dry conditions quite well.  But in moist, rich soil, the stems often get tall and week and flop over from the weight of the flowers just as the plants are bursting into bloom.  Sedum may also flop when grown in too much shade, but in this example, the plants are in full sun amongst other perennials and have been pampered by fertilizer and weekly irrigation.  Pinching the leafy stems in late spring can help keep the stems shorter and less prone to flopping over.  You can cut it back about half way or simply pinch out the growing tip of each stem.  

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Photo Credit: Rosie Lerner