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April 3, 2017

Proactive protection of fruit

Janna Beckerman, Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist, Purdue University

Spring is in the air, and soon, ascospores, basidiospore, and conidia will be as well--Now is the time for disease management!  In the Midwest, with our wet springs and summer, diseases are a regular problem (Fig.1), and although cultural controls will reduce disease impact, most fruit crops in Indiana require some sort of management.  If you are not sure what to spray or when to spray it, check out Manageing Pest in Home Fruit Plantings, available at:  https://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/id/id-­‐146-­‐w.pdf

For commercial growers, there is always the Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide, available at:  https://ag.purdue.edu/hia/Hort/Documents/ID-­‐465.pdf

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Fig 1. Fruit crops are impacted by many different pathogens, and the best management of these problems means being proactive, and preventing damage before it looks like these examples!