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for 13 January 2003

Contorted Filbert; It's Twisted!

B. Rosie Lerner, Horticulture Department, Purdue University

Contorted filbert is an ornamental cultivar of European Filbert, (Corylus avellana 'Contorta'), grown for its twisted, gnarly stems. The plant is also sold under the name Harry Lauder's Walkingstick. This shrub's unique architecture is especially impressive in winter after the leaves have fallen. However, some maintenance pruning will be required to keep the plant's twisted form.

Contorted filbert is usually propagated by grafting and is notorious for producing prolific, vigorous suckers from the rootstock that are straight as an arrow. Note that these suckers arise from the ground rather than from the grafted trunk and should be removed as soon as possible to keep them from taking over the planting.

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Corylus avellana ŒContorta‚ -
Contorted Filbert
Upright root suckers of Contorted Filbert

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