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P&PDL Picture of the Week for
January 5, 2009

Vegetation Control in the Landscape

Glenn Hardebeck, Turfgrass Research Agronomist, Purdue University

The use of herbicides to control unwanted plants has become common among homeowners. This comes with a multitude of interesting problems which are usually the result of improper application. While many homeowners have become familiar with glyphosate (Roundup as an example), it has no residual soil activity, new weeds are able to quickly regerminate in the treated area. Therefore, some look for controls which do not require multiple reapplications. Soil sterilants fit the bill, but require careful consideration when used to avoid problems such as this week’s picture. In this case the soil sterilant was sprayed around the hedge to provide lasting weed control and subsequently moved down the slope with rainfall. The second picture shows dieback beginning on the hedge. The hedge suffered additional damage and has subsequently been removed. Mistakes such as the one in this photo can be avoided by simply following the herbicide label directions and precautions.

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Herbicide Movement

Herbicide movement

Hedge Damage

Hedge damage

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