P&PDL Picture of the Week for
October 29, 2007

Chlorotic and Bleached Stems and Leaves in Poinsettia

Roberto G. Lopez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Indiana Floriculture Extension Specialist, Purdue University

Often a sign of a large whitefly population directly feeding on the poinsettia crop is chlorotic and bleached stems, leaves and bracts. In order to prevent this from occurring, growers should maintain good sanitation, install and monitor yellow sticky cards and routinely inspect the underside of leaves for the presence of whitefly eggs, nymph and adults. If whiteflies are found implement integrated pest management (IPM) practices to avoid the above problems and prevent whitefly pesticide resistance. For information on whitlefly management programs refer to Management Program for Whiteflies on Propagated Ornamentals (pdf file)

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