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The P&PDL Picture of the Week
for 30 October 2002

Picturesque Fungal Leaf Spots

Gail Ruhl, Senior Plant Disease Diagnostician/Interim P&PDL Director, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology

On a recent trip to North Carolina I observed these magnificent Cristulariella leaf spots, also known as target, zonate or bull's eye leaf spots on numerous fallen Magnolia leaves along the Blue Ridge Parkway. In Indiana, two species of the fungus Cristulariella can be found causing similar (much smaller) symptoms on maple, ash and boxelder. Defoliation due to this fungal leaf spot is minimal in Indiana due to our weather fluctuations. Check out your trees for this picturesque fungal leaf spot..

Click on the small image to view a larger image.

Cristulariella on Magnolia leaf
Cristulariella Close-Up
Cristulariella on Maple leaves

Cristulariella leaf spot on a Magnolia leaf (collected in North Carolina)

Close-up of fungal leaf spots Cristulariella on Maple leaves

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