P&PDL Picture of the Week for
October 31, 2005

Frost Injury

Karen Rane, Plant Disease Diagnostician, Department of Botany & Plant Pathology , Purdue University

The first frost of the fall season occurred this weekend in the Lafayette area, causing damage to tender garden plants such as tomatoes (Fig. 1) and basil (Fig. 2). Frost-damaged leaves appear watersoaked at first, then tissues collapse and blacken (Fig. 3). Garden plants can be protected from light frosts by placing a cloth covering over the plants. Warmer weather often continues for several days or weeks after a frost event, so protecting plants from these initial frosts will extend the growing season for your garden. For more information on gardening in the fall, see HO-66-W The Fall Vegetable Garden by B. Rosie Lerner.

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Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

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