P&PDL Picture of the Week for
October 4, 2010

Leaf Spot of Mulberry

Tom Creswell, Plant Disease Diagnostician and Director, Plant & Pest Diagnostic Lab

Fungal leaf spots on trees can cause yellowing and premature leaf drop, as seen here on Mulberry. This leaf spot is fairly common on Mulberry but causes more noticeable damage on trees with poor air movement, growing in shady conditions or older trees with less vigorous summer growth. However some trees are infected repeatedly, even when growing in full sun. Fungicides are not necessary because the fungus doesn't cause serious harm to the overall health of the tree. Fallen leaves should be raked and removed from the area to help reduce the amount of fungus present next spring when new growth starts.

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Whole tree

Leaf in hand

Leaf scans

Close up of spots


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