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for 7 October 2002

Seed Abortion in Corn and Soybean

Bob Nielsen, Purdue Agronomy

Drought stress effects on corn and soybean differ in terms of the calendar timing of the stress and its relative effect on the two crops. July dryness is often considered to be most severe for corn pollination and early grain fill of the developing kernels. August dryness is often considered to be most severe for soybean flowering and pod set. Unfortunately, some areas of Indiana were afflicted with severe dry conditions during all of July and August in 2002, resulting in greater than usual rates of seed abortion (corn and soybean), flower abortion (soybean), or poor pollination (corn).

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soybean seed abortion
soybean pod abortion corn kernel abortion

Soybean Seed Abortion

Soybean Pod Abortion Corn Kernel Abortion

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