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for 16 December 2002

Emerald Ash Borer

Cliff Sadof, Entomology Department, Purdue University

Be aware that Emerald ash borer is an exotic species that was reported in Detroit feeding on green ash in 2002. This pest is originally from Asia and attacks ash trees. Like a two-lined chestnut borer, the larvae of this beetle feed in the phloem and outer sapwood of trees. The beetle apparently has a one year life cycle with adults present from late May through late June. Dead and dying ash trees with watersprouts at the roots should be inspected for D-shaped holes and tunnels of packed hardened frash.

If you think you have this pest, you should alert the Indiana Department of Natural Resources as follows:
IMMEDIATELY report the information by calling the Indiana Department of Natural Resources at (317) 232-4120.
Note the date and location where you found the beetle or damaged tree.
Capture the beetle in a plastic jar and place it in the freezer to kill it.
Carefully wrap the beetle and send it to:
Division of Entomology and Plant Pathology
402 West Washington Street, Room W290
Indianapolis, IN. 46204-2739

For more information on this pest see this website

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Photo of Emerald ash borer

Photo courtesy of: H. Russel, Michigan State University

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