P&PDL Picture of the Week for
March 28, 2005

Control moles now

Tim Gibb, Turfgrass IPM Specialist, Purdue University

Now is a very good time to spend a little extra effort in controlling those pesky moles.  Recent warm, wet weather has returned these nasty little turfgrass destroyers back to the surface of the soil where they are making runs throughout the turfgrass.  March and April are ideal times to control moles because this is the time of year that they are mating.  They will soon bear litters of several young and after a months time these young will be off on their own making new tunnels and causing increased frustration for turfgrass managers and home-owners.  If female moles can be stopped now, they will not be able to rear young.  So every female mole killed will save having to take out 4 or 5 later in the spring and summer. 

“An ounce of prevention now will be worth a pound of frustration later.”

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