P&PDL Picture of the Week for
June 11, 2007

Winter Annuals are Beginning to Dieback

Glenn Hardebeck,Turfgrass Research Agronomist, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University

Winter annuals are beginning to dieback with the early onset of summer-like weather conditions especially those in exposed areas.  Winter annuals such as downy bromegrass and common chickweed germinate throughout the fall, over-winter, grow throughout the spring and die as the summer heat sets in.  Control now is best left to the heat of summer.  While downy bromegrass in turf areas is best left to mowing and the heat of summer, common chickweed can be sprayed with a broadleaf herbicide during October or even early November in mid to southern parts of Indiana.

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Downy bromegrass

Downy bromegrass in an exposed area with added heat from a masonry wall showing signs of dieback with the onset of summer weather.

common chickweed

Common chickweed holding on in a protected area on the north side of a building.

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