P&PDL Picture of the Week for
July 22, 2013

Albino Avocado

This unusual avocado plant exhibits traits of albinism, with white-to-pink almost transparent leaves. Research indicates that this condition may be more common in seeds that are harvested prematurely, however they have been shown to develop from seeds taken from well-matured fruits. Whatever the cause, it's an interesting specimen. However, without chlorophyll, it won't live long after the food reserves from the seed are used up.

Reference: Wallace, J.M. and R. J. Drake. Albinism and abnormal development of avocado seedlings. California Avocado Society 1956 Yearbook 40: 156-164.

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Albino avocado plant in pot

Albino avocado stem

Albino avocado leaves

Transparent albino avocado leaf

Photos courtesy of Mary Welch-Keesey

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