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July 9, 2012

Reducing Poinsettia Cutting Stress during Propagation

Roberto G. Lopez, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Floriculture Extension Specialist, Purdue University

Successful poinsettia propagation begins with high-quality cuttings and an ideal rooting environment. A spreader-stick such as CapSil can be used to help create a uniform coverage of moisture across the leaf surface of poinsettia cuttings (Figure 1) by reducing the surface tension and beading of water (Figure 4).  Apply CapSil until run-off at a rate of 300 ppm or 4 fluid ounces/ 100 gallons of water. 

For more information on how to manage cuttings during summer heat, visit: Managing Poinsettia Production through Summer Heat (pdf file)

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Figure 1. Use of a spreader-sticker such as CapSil can reduce beading of water on poinsettia leaves.

Figure 2. Water beading on poinsettia leaves.

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